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10 April 2022personal journal2 min read

Updates, updates

Stormy waves hitting shore at Workington, UK

It has been almost six months since the last update. That’s quite a long time. Especially for someone who claims to tell stories! I won’t seek excuses to explain that. I was definitely lacking some engagement, creativity and inspiration. Some ongoing personal changes also contributed to this…

30 September 2021personal journal2 min read


Sunrise reflection captured at some marina building at Außenalster, Hamburg, Germany

I went for a run today, dragging my ass from sofa, out through the door on the evening streets of Hamburg. My motivation was low, my energy was low and I struggled to complete simple and familiar 5km loop route I often used to do here. Was it worth it? What did I gain from it? The answer is clarity…

02 April 2021personal journal2 min read

Wake up!

A view from Bramfelder Brücke, Hamburg, Germany

It has been a long (winter) hibernation season. Way too long for me. My blog was stagnant for eight months, and I was stuck too. Not much happened, not much changed. The pandemic is still pretty much going on around us, but I cannot blame everything on it. While it contributed to the state of things…

23 August 2020personal journal1 min read

Moin, moin Hamburg!

A photo from Hamburg

It was a bit spontaneous decision, it happened quickly, it took almost 3 months of efforts, but here we are. We’ve finally completed our move to Hamburg, Germany! Good Bye London We’ve spent the last couple of years living in London. We’ve enjoyed our time there, vibrant culture, green parks, a…

23 April 2020blogging1 min read

COVID-19 f****d everything

An abstract photo of a Bonsai tree sprouting new leaves

It’s not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic… COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble. It has been almost 2 months when the world is dealing with pandemic caused by Coronavirus. I won’t go into detail or implication around this…

04 February 2020blogging2 min read

Beating January blues

An image of the Lodon Eye, as seen from west bank of Thames River, captured in January, 2020

We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us. One day after another, we need to face the challenges of our usual lives. We feel down, tired, and lacking energy. We slip, make bad choices, or retract to…

19 January 2020blogging1 min read

It's null until you ship it

Image of the container ship, captured in Hamburg, Germany

This is exactly the status of my blog. It’s not existing for anyone, even though it has been under work for the last couple of weeks. I struggle sweating over typography details, style of the photo gallery, compositions of the components, and so on. In the end, it doesn’t matter that much. These are…

27 October 2019blogging2 min read

Hello World Blog

Who starts a blog in 2019? Is it still a thing worth doing? Who will even read this? What platform should I use? What about should I write? So many questions before I even start questioning if I should also be doing this. Yet, if you are reading this, that means I didn’t quit, and I published my…

30 December 2018personal journal6 min read

Wrapping up 2018

Again, the time has come to sit down and look back into the past year. It’s almost end of a busy, little dull year of 2018. If you’re following my blog, please sit down and revisit with me the last 12 months of my life. Running and training As usual, I’ll start with a quick look at my sport…

01 January 2018personal journal5 min read

2017 - a year in review

2017 - a year in review

It has become my tradition to spend couple hours by the end of a year and write a yearly review post. I’m doing that since last couple years. Today I’m writing this on retrospection of 2017. I invite you to read my share of struggles and moments of joy, successes & failures, ups, and downs. Training…

07 February 2017personal journal1 min read

Blog updates: server and HTTPS

Short update about my blog. As you may have already noticed the base URL has changed. I wanted to do this for a few months already, but it required some preparation I’ve postponed this multiple time. But last weekend I’ve finally turned around and did it. All pages of my website are now served via…

26 October 2016personal journal1 min read

Without a word, next month passes by

Without a word, next month passes by

It feels like it was just a blink of an eye, yet another month just passed. I’ve promised more frequent updates but I still don’t have enough time to do that. This month I’ve spent more time flying than running… That give me something to think about.

03 October 2016opinion piece1 min read

The black protest

The black protest

This is quite unusual for my blog, to actually write about current topics. But I was thinking about it and I guess… every opinion matters. So do mine, so do yours. There are a lot of smart people around me and they’ve probably already discussed the important matters, stances, philosophies. So I may…

26 September 2016personal journal1 min read

About that silence...

About that silence...

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been silent for about last month… If you waited for another reading list episode - sorry, I’ll return to posting from October. There were many things going on and even more will come. Last month passed so quickly for me. I’ve got couple business travels to Hamburg…

11 July 2016personal journal1 min read

Happy to be there

Happy to be there

First 10 days of July passed and I feel I need to report some of the details about the progress for last couple weeks. Summer is fully here. Days are quite long, weather’s not bad, things are rolling. Blogging After getting break during May, I’ve increased the amount of posts per month. This is of…

27 June 2016personal journal4 min read

Keeping the fire burning

Keeping the fire burning

Sometimes it’s easy to loose the focus. I get it all the time. One week is great, then next one feels like a two steps back. Sometimes good, sometimes hard. What is important, is to keep pushing forward. I mentioned this before. I often don’t work hard enough for what I want to achieve. Trying once…

12 June 2016personal journal2 min read

Back on track in June

Back on track in June

Damn, it’s been more than a month since I’ve wrote about running. To be honest, it wasn’t very intense. Only couple of short runs and one longer run trip. But this month I’m finally starting to feel it. I’ve put finally some effort in running more consistently. It is actually second week of June…

14 October 2013personal journal1 min read

Hello World Again?

Hello World Again?

So I say hello again. With almost year break from blogging I finally decided to go back. I need this. I need my website as a basic platform of expression. Despite feeling really anxious about it, I kinda miss writing much. With this blog again, I want to share my thoughts on my work, life and…

03 May 2012personal journal1 min read



After couple of months of idling, I finally decided to relaunch my blog again. Switching back from Tumblr to WordPress I won’t keep my old blog posts and resources since I don’t find them important. It was just random noise that doesn’t matter any more. So back to WordPress, I made my own theme. Its…

23 October 2008blog archive1 min read

Nowa wersja bloga

W wolnych chwilach pracuję nad nową szatą graficzną dla mojej strony. Zmiany będą dosyć poważne. Pod nóż pójdzie wszystko: kolorystyka, układ, nawigacja, sidebar, footer oraz tagi i kategorie… Nie chcę na razie mówić o detalach. Poniżej wrzucam małą zajawkę tego, co będzie można zobaczyć wkrótce…

04 April 2008blog archive1 min read


Wspieramy rozwój polskiej blogosfery. Marcin Jagodziński, Kuba Filipowski i Bartek Raciborski stworzyli akcje która namawia wszystkich piszących do linkowania. Wstawianie odnośników do źródeł o których piszemy, lub z których korzystamy poprawia jakość naszych wpisów. W manifeście możemy przeczytać…

24 February 2008blog archive1 min read

Blog zyskuje nowy wygląd

Wreszcie po kilku miesiącach od uruchomienia mojego bloga, udało mi się znaleźć trochę czasu żeby zaprojektować własny design dla szablonów. Efektem ciężkiej pracy podczas tego weekendu jest nowy skin pod nazwą “div.blog”. Najwięcej czasu zabrało mi wymyślenie samego konceptu i układu dla nagłówka…

12 November 2007blog archive1 min read

Hello World!

To mój pierwszy post na nowo założonym blogu. Powinienem był go zacząć już dużo wcześniej, ale zawsze brakowało mi na to czasu… Aż do dzisiaj. Zamierzam wziąć się do pracy i pisać w miarę często. Oczywiście na tyle, na ile pozwalały będą mi praca i studia. Na razie czuję się bardziej czytelnikiem…

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