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Journal entries on the decluttering topic.

31 January 2016personal journal2 min read

A journey to minimalism starts in January

A journey to minimalism starts in January

So, the first month of 2016 was dedicated to some cleanup, clutter reduction and simplifying. I’ve set a goal, to get rid of one thing for every day and today 31 days passed. Here are the results. Cleanup I ended with reducing much more of digital clutter, but nevertheless, it’s the action that…

30 August 2015personal journal2 min read

My month in review: August 2015

Phew, this was busy month. It’s not even an end yet – still have one day to go – but I have to write this summary anyway. I doubt it will change that much tomorrow. So, lets get through. Decluttering The idea of getting rid of unused stuff around me was bouncing in my head for quite some time. At…

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