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23 August 2020personal journal1 min read

Moin, moin Hamburg!

A photo from Hamburg

It was a bit spontaneous decision, it happened quickly, it took almost 3 months of efforts, but here we are. We’ve finally completed our move to Hamburg, Germany! Good Bye London We’ve spent the last couple of years living in London. We’ve enjoyed our time there, vibrant culture, green parks, a…

02 June 2017personal journal3 min read

Stepping up the game, May 2017

Stepping up the game, May 2017

It is the first week of June 2017 and that means it’s time to write my monthly review again. May was again busy month (tell me which wasn’t) but I’m actually quite happy with everything that’s happened and the progress I’ve made. Work and travel I’ve travel again, this time twice, to Hamburg for few…

08 January 2017personal journal2 min read

A peek into first week of 2017

A peek into first week of 2017

The first week of 2017 passed quite quickly. Given some undistracted time, I can take a look at the time literally from the 10000ft perspective, as I’m now flying to Hamburg. So while it looks like that the new year is starting quite busy, let’s step back and reflect on that. As I look at my Fitbit…

27 April 2015shared link1 min read

HafenCity photowalk

To experience something new, I’ve posted a story on Medium. Feel free to check it: https://medium.com/@jankraus/hafencity-photowalk-ddf8e17f5112

14 December 2014photo story1 min read

Streets of Hamburg

Streets of Hamburg

So my last post was about running in Hamburg. But I also did some walking. Here are some interesting places and moments I’ve captured on a short walk near Alster and city center. Enjoy. Let’s start at the Barmbek station. I admire fast, good and reliable transport. S- and U-Bahns are great way to…

08 December 2014running log1 min read

Hamburger run

Hamburger run

Po prawie miesięcznej przerwie udało mi się znów trochę pobiegać. Nie był to jakoś specjalnie długi bieg, ledwie niecałe 7km. Ale dla mnie miało to duże znaczenie. Z kilku powodów… W tym tygodniu znów trafiłem do Hamburga. W zeszłym roku byłem tu dobrych parę razy, oczywiście w ramach wyjazdów…

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