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Healthy eating journal entries.

02 January 2015personal journal5 min read

Resolving resolutions

One year ago I wrote about some of my resolutions for the upcoming 2014. Even though it seems like everyone is bashing new years resolutions, we may call them differently but we all have them. So last year I posted here four points. Let’s see how I’ve got them. Train more consistently. Aim for 3-…

31 December 2013personal journal2 min read

New Year's Resolutions - 2014 edition

New Year is couple hours ahead. Last chance to make your resolutions. But actually, the chance is always there. You just have to do it. I want to share here some of mine. Train more consistently. Aim for 3-5 training units per week. Put running ahead. Eat healthier. More smoothies and juices every…

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