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27 March 2016running log2 min read

First day of the spring

First day of the spring

I’m not exactly sure whether it was last day of winter or the first day of spring. But as usual, we’ve set for a run. Initially, we’ve actually planned to go somewhere else, but because of some unforeseen event day before, we’ve settled for a shorter route in Lasek Wolski. Actually, it was the same…

13 March 2016running log2 min read

Dirty dozen at Lasek Wolski

Dirty dozen at Lasek Wolski

Running this Sunday was all about mud, wet and slippery slopes. We started around 9:00 and traversed some nice trail paths in Lasek Wolski, small forest area in western part of Kraków. It was nice, technical run, mixed with a lot of sliding through mud and rain puddles. It’s always hard to get up…

06 December 2015running log2 min read

Magic run

There is always something special when reaching the summit. Doesn’t matter if it’s a rocky peak in a high mountain range or a small mound in the city. The reward is there, always. You just need to reach for it. The sun was setting early. It was just around 3 PM when my friend Krzysztof picked me up…

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