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11 May 2023travel guide12 min read

7 things to see on The Seven Sisters Walk

The magnificent views of Seven Sisters cliffs, East Sussex, England, UK

The Seven Sisters Walk in Sussex is one of the most picturesque ones you can find near London. It stretches from Seaford to Eastbourne, traversing a spectacular coastal path that offers magnificent views of the chalk sea cliffs on the English Channel coast. The Seven Sisters cliffs lie near the…

31 January 2023photo story3 min read

Wendover Woods Hike

A view from Outdooraholics hike at Wendover Woods, England, UK

Last weekend, Sunday, I strolled on yet another casual hike hosted by the Outdooraholics group. Wandering through the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offered an experience of surrounding woodlands and some great, panoramic views from the hills. We left shortly before 9AM from…

27 November 2022photo story5 min read

Richmond Park Photowalk

Richmond Park Photowalk

Richmond Park is one of my favourite places in London. And it’s funny when you think about it because when you’re there, you feel like you’re actually far away from the big city. I love wandering through its woods and meadows, observing nature. Every time there is something new to discover and…

18 September 2022photo story6 min read

Hiking Eridge and Harrisons's Rocks

View of Harrisons's Rocks, East Sussex, England, UK

Summer is not officially over yet, and I’ve managed to salvage last sunny weekend to again join Outdooraholics for another hike. Navigating paths at the border of East Sussex and Kent counties, I enjoyed the green and calm atmosphere of woods and stunning crags of Harrison’s Rocks. Eridge As usual…

30 August 2022photo story5 min read

The Seven Sisters Hike

The magnificent views of Seven Sisters cliffs, East Sussex, England, UK

Seeing rain predictions for upcoming days, I feared of possibility that the last warm weekend of summer was just passing by! So, almost at the last minute joined the Seven Sister hike on the sunny, southern coast of Britain. There isn’t much to say about the Seven Sisters that hasn’t been already…

28 August 2022photo story8 min read

Hiking the Rolling Hills of Hertfordshire

Outdooraholics group hiking through the field of Hertfordshire, England, UK

Just a week later, after my last hike, I joined another one with the Outdooraholics group. This time the hike called for exploration of Hertfordshire: a walk through the western area of Hitchin and the North Easterly ridge of Chiltern Hill. We departed around 8:30 from London’s Kings Cross station…

21 August 2022photo story8 min read

Hiking Sussex Weald, Ardingly Reservoir and the Ouse Valley viaduct

Folks from Outdooraholics group hiking through the forrest, Sussex Weald, England, UK

This weekend, on Saturday, I had a chance to enjoy another hike with the Outdooraholics group. This time explored West Sussex, walking through some woods, a few gentle hills and passing under Ouse Valley Viaduct. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience on this beautiful summer day. We started the…

18 April 2022photo story5 min read

Leith Hill hike

A view over Dorking, Surrey, UK - Captured from Green Terrace above Denbies Wine Estate

On Easter Sunday, I spent some quality time enjoying a bit challenging yet very rewarding hike in the area of Leith Hill in Surrey. The weather was fantastic, and I had some opportunities to take some photos along the way. Dorking After taking a train from London Bridge, we arrived in Dorking and…

07 March 2020photo story5 min read

Growing plants underground in London

A photo of English Salad Mix by Growing Underground, London

Who would have thought about the idea of growing plans deep underground? Well, maybe in some post-apocalyptic movie, but in real life, that doesn’t seem straightforward, right? I was surprised too when I stumbled upon the company called Growing Underground. They produce fresh greens and salad leaves…

01 March 2020photo story6 min read

Hammersmith Bridge sunrise and photowalk

A photo of Hammersmith Bridge, London, captured in early at 1st of March, 2020

I was dying to see some good weather, but in February this year was quite miserable. There was a lot of rain and cloudy mornings, so I never had a good chance to go out for some photography challenges. So when I saw a surprisingly good forecast for this Sunday, I immediately knew that was it! All…

06 October 2018photo story3 min read

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Early Sunday last week I went for a long run as one of the final training runs before the upcoming marathon. I ran through the Richmond Park and the sunrise I’ve witnessed left me stunned. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen. I’ve started early, around 5AM. I passed first 1…

23 April 2018photo story6 min read

Photographing the 2018 London Marathon

Photographing the 2018 London Marathon

The time went by so fast, and I didn’t realize it was almost a year since the last event. This year the Virgin Money London Marathon was set on 22 April 2018. I wasn’t watching the date, so almost by accident, I found out that it will happen on the last Sunday. Of course, I couldn’t miss it. I…

03 March 2018personal journal5 min read

Winter training, February 2018

Winter training, February 2018

February is the shortest month in a year, will this be a brief update then? Lets find out. Running and training I’ve started the month with a plan to slightly improve my January stats. While I had good progress in the first two weeks, the second half was less active, and in the end, I didn’t achieve…

03 February 2018personal journal2 min read

Training into the unknown - beginning 2018

Training into the unknown - beginning 2018

The first month of January went pretty fast. Here’s some short report from it. Training I didn’t set for any big goal for this year. I didn’t sign up for any race; I don’t have any particular distance to reach. I would preferably focus on the groundwork. So my principal focus is just to train and…

01 November 2017personal journal3 min read

Short monthly update, October 2017

Short monthly update, October 2017

Autumn is already there and just two months left in this year. As usual, although not very regularly I sit down to reflect on past month. Follow me. Slow training September and October were almost completely out of running. I’ve only run twice, for about 10km in total. One of the runs happened to be…

01 August 2017personal journal3 min read

Slow and low July 2017

Slow and low July 2017

Summer in London is different than in Poland - I guess, it’s more bearable. Not so much extreme weather changes, not freaking hot, which is good for living in the city. This month passed quickly, again. Let’s look into July in my quick, monthly retrospective. On running I put less effort into…

02 June 2017personal journal5 min read

Stepping up the game, May 2017

Stepping up the game, May 2017

It is the first week of June 2017 and that means it’s time to write my monthly review again. May was again busy month (tell me which wasn’t) but I’m actually quite happy with everything that’s happened and the progress I’ve made. Work and travel I’ve travel again, this time twice, to Hamburg for few…

26 May 2017photo story6 min read

Box Hill hike in Surrey

Box Hill hike in Surrey

Last weekend on sunny Sunday, together with some friends, we went for our first hike in London’s neighbourhood. The weather was pleasant and this moderate length hike was very enjoyable. The event was quite spontaneous. Just the evening before Dan asked us to join him and his wife Ale. I didn’t have…

07 May 2017photo story5 min read

Photographing the 2017 London Marathon

Photographing the 2017 London Marathon

The 2017 London Marathon was one of my first attempt to street & event photography in London. I didn’t set many expectations about the outcome as I haven’t done much of this kind of shoots in the past. So instead, I’ve turned my mindset towards exploration and fun. Catching up with elite runners My…

21 January 2017meeting notes9 min read

Notes from Magento 2 Migration meetup

Notes from Magento 2 Migration meetup

Yesterday I’ve joined my first meetup this year, organized by London Magento Meetup Group at DotMailer office. The location and venue were fantastic. There was pizza, polish beer and many people to talk. Below you’ll find a short summary of my notes and thoughts from the meeting. The main topic of…

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