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01 March 2020photo story4 min read

Hammersmith Bridge sunrise and photowalk

A photo of Hammersmith Bridge, London, captured in early at 1st of March, 2020

I was dying to see some good weather, but in February this year was quite miserable. There was a lot of rain and cloudy mornings, so I never had a good chance to go out for some photography challenges. So when I saw a surprisingly good forecast for this Sunday, I immediately knew that was it! All…

06 October 2018photo story2 min read

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Early Sunday last week I went for a long run as one of the final training runs before the upcoming marathon. I ran through the Richmond Park and the sunrise I’ve witnessed left me stunned. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen. I’ve started early, around 5AM. I passed first 1…

27 April 2015shared link1 min read

HafenCity photowalk

To experience something new, I’ve posted a story on Medium. Feel free to check it: https://medium.com/@jankraus/hafencity-photowalk-ddf8e17f5112

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