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19 August 2023photo story8 min read

A summer trip to Windermere, Lake District

A view from Windermere lake cruise, Lake District, UK

Earlier in August, I had the pleasure of spending a week-long vacation in Windermere. With group of friends we’ve enjoyed time off, exploring this area of Lake District. It was a relaxing break and an opportunity to visit some new places. Access to Lake District from London is relatively easy. We…

20 May 2023photo story3 min read

Peak District Highlights

Sunset at the The Great Ridge, Peak District, England, UK

While organising my photos library, I found some photos from a trip to Peak District I did some time ago last year. I realised I never published them, and since I immensely enjoyed the views there, I hope you may too. Surprise View Surprise View was the first place I visited. I stayed in Sheffield…

30 April 2023photo story9 min read

A Trip to Cheddar Gorge

A Trip to Cheddar Gorge

A week ago, with a group of hiking friends, we went for a short getaway to Cheddar Gorge. This photo story is a record from a delightful weekend we spent there, visiting the gorge and some areas around. When preparing for the trip, the weather forecast wasn’t looking very promising, predicting rain…

17 April 2023photo story9 min read

Dorset and Devon

Dorset and Devon

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to spend a few days travelling around the southwest of England. I’d been awaiting this trip for quite some time, as it was the first getaway for this season. Trying to use the 4 days of the long weekend around Easter break, I put up a rough plan with a few…

31 January 2023photo story3 min read

Wendover Woods Hike

A view from Outdooraholics hike at Wendover Woods, England, UK

Last weekend, Sunday, I strolled on yet another casual hike hosted by the Outdooraholics group. Wandering through the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offered an experience of surrounding woodlands and some great, panoramic views from the hills. We left shortly before 9AM from…

13 December 2022photo story8 min read

Highlights from India

Taj Mahal seen on early morning, Agra, India

I recently had the opportunity to visit India for two weeks in October. It was my first time travelling to Asia. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to explore a new country, experience new things and visit new places. Mumbai My first stop was the bustling city of Mumbai. I came there in…

27 November 2022photo story5 min read

Richmond Park Photowalk

Richmond Park Photowalk

Richmond Park is one of my favourite places in London. And it’s funny when you think about it because when you’re there, you feel like you’re actually far away from the big city. I love wandering through its woods and meadows, observing nature. Every time there is something new to discover and…

20 November 2022photo story14 min read

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass

Last month, in October, I visited India for the first time. One of the main highlights of this journey was a 4-day long trek in Himalayas Mountains on the trail called Hampta Pass. The trek starts in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, a small town situated in Kullu Valley in the north part of India. Just…

18 September 2022photo story6 min read

Hiking Eridge and Harrisons's Rocks

View of Harrisons's Rocks, East Sussex, England, UK

Summer is not officially over yet, and I’ve managed to salvage last sunny weekend to again join Outdooraholics for another hike. Navigating paths at the border of East Sussex and Kent counties, I enjoyed the green and calm atmosphere of woods and stunning crags of Harrison’s Rocks. Eridge As usual…

30 August 2022photo story5 min read

The Seven Sisters Hike

The magnificent views of Seven Sisters cliffs, East Sussex, England, UK

Seeing rain predictions for upcoming days, I feared of possibility that the last warm weekend of summer was just passing by! So, almost at the last minute joined the Seven Sister hike on the sunny, southern coast of Britain. There isn’t much to say about the Seven Sisters that hasn’t been already…

28 August 2022photo story8 min read

Hiking the Rolling Hills of Hertfordshire

Outdooraholics group hiking through the field of Hertfordshire, England, UK

Just a week later, after my last hike, I joined another one with the Outdooraholics group. This time the hike called for exploration of Hertfordshire: a walk through the western area of Hitchin and the North Easterly ridge of Chiltern Hill. We departed around 8:30 from London’s Kings Cross station…

21 August 2022photo story8 min read

Hiking Sussex Weald, Ardingly Reservoir and the Ouse Valley viaduct

Folks from Outdooraholics group hiking through the forrest, Sussex Weald, England, UK

This weekend, on Saturday, I had a chance to enjoy another hike with the Outdooraholics group. This time explored West Sussex, walking through some woods, a few gentle hills and passing under Ouse Valley Viaduct. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience on this beautiful summer day. We started the…

17 August 2022photo story6 min read

Iceland Highlights - Part Five

Iceland Highlights - Part Five

With this tempo of updates, I will probably not finish my Iceland series soon. But I keep trying. In this part, I cover the next part of the trip around Iceland’s Ring Road, driving further east, visiting beautiful beaches, a Viking village, a glacier lagoon and more stunning views. Jökulsárlón…

22 July 2022photo story12 min read

Sunset and sunrise at the Beacons Horseshoe

Two hikers on the trail at Brecon Beacons Mountains, Wales, UK

Only a few weeks later, after my long hike in Brecon Beacons Mountains, I returned to the same mountains visiting the most spectacular parts, known as the Beacons Horseshoe. This photo essay is a recording of a 2 days hike at the Brecon Beacons, with around 50km of distance and an overnight camp on…

18 June 2022photo story24 min read

Hiking in Brecon Beacons Mountains

A view from Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales, UK

At the beginning of June (the long weekend of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee), I left London for a 4-day hiking excursion at Brecon Beacons Mountains in Wales. I planned to hike parts of The Beacons Way - a long-distance walking path running the length of the Brecon Beacons National Park. I didn’t have…

23 May 2022photo story6 min read

Iceland Highlights - Part Four

Iceland Highlights - Part Four

Continuing my Iceland series, I’m ready to share the next part of the journey from my travel. We continue east along Ring Road, visiting some cliffs where Puffins are nesting and then some more mountains and glaciers views. The Ring Road offers many mesmerising views right out of the car window. Too…

21 May 2022photo story5 min read

Iceland Highlights - Part Three

Iceland Highlights - Part Three

Welcome to the third part of my Iceland highlights. This blogpost series is a recap of my trip from the summer of 2021. We continue along the south coast road visiting more beautiful waterfalls, some glaciers, and a crashed plane in this particular part. LAVA Centre We’ve made the first stop at LAVA…

15 May 2022photo story6 min read

Iceland Highlights - Part Two

Kerid Crater seen from the highest point of the caldera

I started last month with a review of my photos from the previous year’s Iceland trip, and I’ve shared some bits from the first days of the travel highlighting the famous Golden Circle route. But Iceland is so much more. Our journey was planned often on the go, driven by the exciting spots along the…

28 April 2022photo story9 min read

My Iceland Highlights - Part One

A close view of water flow at Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

I wrote and published earlier two photo stories from my trip to Iceland in 2021. Still, they were only about Fagradalsfjall volcano, and I have so much more to share from that travel. I regret that I didn’t review and process my photos right away when the memories were fresh. Nevertheless, the…

24 April 2022photo story8 min read

The Long Man of Wilmington hike

A view Long Man of Wilmington, East Sussex, UK

Going for a countryside walk on weekend is a great way to spend time. This Saturday I went for another group hike, this time from Berwick to Eastbourne, with the highlight of visiting The Long Man of Wilmington a human figure carved on the slopes of Windover Hill near Wilmington, East Sussex…

18 April 2022photo story5 min read

Leith Hill hike

A view over Dorking, Surrey, UK - Captured from Green Terrace above Denbies Wine Estate

On Easter Sunday, I spent some quality time enjoying a bit challenging yet very rewarding hike in the area of Leith Hill in Surrey. The weather was fantastic, and I had some opportunities to take some photos along the way. Dorking After taking a train from London Bridge, we arrived in Dorking and…

16 April 2022development5 min read

How to access Remix route data in other routes

Not a Remix route, but stunning view on a road somewhere in Iceland

Nested routes are a neat concept of Remix framework. The idea is that segments of the URL path of the applications define the layouts and the data dependency of those layouts. In many use cases, your view could be a composition of multiple route levels, and you may end up with the need to access the…

21 September 2021photo story5 min read

Return to the Fagradalsfjall volcano

A view of the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland

If you’ve read my previous story about the Fagradalsfjall volcano you know that I didn’t have much luck witnessing actual eruption. But the hike was a great experience anyway, so two weeks later, I’ve returned to the same place, took a slightly different path and went on planning to see the eruption…

25 August 2021photo story8 min read

Fagradalsfjall volcano and the lava fields of Geldingadalir

A view of lava fields "Fagradalshraun" at Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland

The Fagradalsfjall volcano was one of the key points of my trip to Iceland. I’ve visited the site twice, in the beginning, and towards the end of my journey. While I almost didn’t see the eruption, I enjoyed the surreal landscape quite a lot. This photo story is a record of the hike. The Nátthagi…

01 June 2020photo story5 min read

One week in Portugal

A photo of the Tram from Portugal

In the middle of March 2019, we’ve paid a short visit to Portugal, visiting Lisbon, Porto, and some places along the way. This photo story is a short memory of this travel. Note that this entry was published in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since it isn’t the best time to travel and we’ve…

17 May 2020photo story9 min read

Memories from Scotland

A photo from Scotland

In October 2018, we went for a short trip to Scotland. It was our first visit there, and we were eager to find out what it’s gonna be like… Our itinerary was packed with many places we wanted to see, and the trip was already highly anticipated. We already had to move it from earlier dates in Summer…

07 March 2020photo story5 min read

Growing plants underground in London

A photo of English Salad Mix by Growing Underground, London

Who would have thought about the idea of growing plans deep underground? Well, maybe in some post-apocalyptic movie, but in real life, that doesn’t seem straightforward, right? I was surprised too when I stumbled upon the company called Growing Underground. They produce fresh greens and salad leaves…

01 March 2020photo story6 min read

Hammersmith Bridge sunrise and photowalk

A photo of Hammersmith Bridge, London, captured in early at 1st of March, 2020

I was dying to see some good weather, but in February this year was quite miserable. There was a lot of rain and cloudy mornings, so I never had a good chance to go out for some photography challenges. So when I saw a surprisingly good forecast for this Sunday, I immediately knew that was it! All…

16 February 2020photo story6 min read

A weekend in Cambridge

A photo of the river Cam, seen in Cambridge, UK, captured in February, 2020

As I moved to the UK only a few years ago, everything around is fresh and new. Lucky to have friends in Cambridge, we’ve visited them for a weekend and took the opportunity to see this lovely British city. Our stay was short, only two days, but we’ve visited a few interesting places. What you see…

04 February 2020blogging3 min read

Beating January blues

An image of the Lodon Eye, as seen from west bank of Thames River, captured in January, 2020

We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us. One day after another, we need to face the challenges of our usual lives. We feel down, tired, and lacking energy. We slip, make bad choices, or retract to…

30 December 2018personal journal9 min read

Wrapping up 2018

Again, the time has come to sit down and look back into the past year. It’s almost end of a busy, little dull year of 2018. If you’re following my blog, please sit down and revisit with me the last 12 months of my life. Running and training As usual, I’ll start with a quick look at my sport…

21 July 2018photo story6 min read

Hiking on Tenerife: Cruz del Carmen in Anaga Mountains

Hiking on Tenerife: Cruz del Carmen in Anaga Mountains

Anaga Mountains found on the northeastern side of Tenerife offer an entirely different environment than the rest of the island. Green, humid forest, the variety of plants and trees makes them an excellent area for hiking and exploration. One of my last days on Tenerife I went for a long hike…

20 July 2018photo story5 min read

Hiking on Tenerife: Arona to Roque del Conde to Roque de los Brezos and back

Hiking on Tenerife: Arona to Roque del Conde to Roque de los Brezos and back

In the area of Arona, there are many distinct mountains. They each reach up to 1000 meters high, but their height makes a big impression because you can observe them almost from the sea level. So one afternoon I’ve decided to go for a hike to a nearby mountain with quite interesting, flat top. To…

23 April 2018photo story6 min read

Photographing the 2018 London Marathon

Photographing the 2018 London Marathon

The time went by so fast, and I didn’t realize it was almost a year since the last event. This year the Virgin Money London Marathon was set on 22 April 2018. I wasn’t watching the date, so almost by accident, I found out that it will happen on the last Sunday. Of course, I couldn’t miss it. I…

01 January 2018personal journal8 min read

2017 - a year in review

2017 - a year in review

It has become my tradition to spend couple hours by the end of a year and write a yearly review post. I’m doing that since last couple years. Today I’m writing this on retrospection of 2017. I invite you to read my share of struggles and moments of joy, successes & failures, ups, and downs. Training…

11 October 2017photo story8 min read

Visiting England's South Coast

Visiting England's South Coast

At the turn of September and October, I took few days of vacation and together with N. we’ve spent three days on the southern coast of UK. In this post, you can find a collection of memories from places we’ve visited. It was the first time we’ve been to the UK’s coast, so we were excited to visit…

10 September 2017running log12 min read

Running Magurski Ultramaraton

Running Magurski Ultramaraton

It’s been already three weeks since the event and I don’t want my memories to fade away. On 19th of August, 2017 I’ve attempted to run and finished 58km route of Magurski Ultramaraton in Kępna, Poland. I’m proud of this accomplishment and I want to share this experience with you. To run ultra…

01 August 2017personal journal3 min read

Slow and low July 2017

Slow and low July 2017

Summer in London is different than in Poland - I guess, it’s more bearable. Not so much extreme weather changes, not freaking hot, which is good for living in the city. This month passed quickly, again. Let’s look into July in my quick, monthly retrospective. On running I put less effort into…

05 July 2017personal journal3 min read

Can't believe it is already summer, June 2017

Can't believe it is already summer, June 2017

Just 2 days ago I went for a run on a warm and sunny afternoon and this thought struck me. It’s already July and that means we’re already in the 2nd half of the year. Amazing, how the time flies. If you care enough about what I do and think, stay with me for my monthly update. Running First, some…

02 June 2017personal journal5 min read

Stepping up the game, May 2017

Stepping up the game, May 2017

It is the first week of June 2017 and that means it’s time to write my monthly review again. May was again busy month (tell me which wasn’t) but I’m actually quite happy with everything that’s happened and the progress I’ve made. Work and travel I’ve travel again, this time twice, to Hamburg for few…

26 May 2017photo story6 min read

Box Hill hike in Surrey

Box Hill hike in Surrey

Last weekend on sunny Sunday, together with some friends, we went for our first hike in London’s neighbourhood. The weather was pleasant and this moderate length hike was very enjoyable. The event was quite spontaneous. Just the evening before Dan asked us to join him and his wife Ale. I didn’t have…

07 May 2017photo story5 min read

Photographing the 2017 London Marathon

Photographing the 2017 London Marathon

The 2017 London Marathon was one of my first attempt to street & event photography in London. I didn’t set many expectations about the outcome as I haven’t done much of this kind of shoots in the past. So instead, I’ve turned my mindset towards exploration and fun. Catching up with elite runners My…

30 December 2016personal journal8 min read

Reflections on 2016 and a look forward

Reflections on 2016 and a look forward

Can’t believe it’s been another year. This one was busy and quick. Even though a lot happened somehow I feel like I’ve missed it. This is almost the last day of 2016 and I sit here now, in London and look back to reflect on what happened, what did I achieve and what I can do better in 2017. Work I…

15 August 2016photo story6 min read

Catching the light

Catching the light

It was 8 PM, the day before when I’ve got the crazy idea of going for a trip to photograph the sunrise from the top of Babia Góra. I would later see, that clouds almost entirely covered the peak and no sun for me, but it was one of best hikes I’ve ever had. I was still on the short run when the…

12 August 2016travel report9 min read

One week in Senj, Croatia

One week in Senj, Croatia

Just about two weeks ago N. and I made a quick choice to pack our stuff and go for one week to Croatia. We picked some location, booked apartment via Airbnb, got into a car and departed. Our plan was not a full blown vacation, but rather some “digital nomad” style of work and relax. We were not…

01 January 2016personal journal3 min read

2015 out, 2016 in

2015 out, 2016 in

Another year passed, another year starting. These 365 days are flowing very fast. Lots of things happened during the last year. I would like to share some stats about them, plus maybe give some look into the future. Travel, fun and photography I have traveled to 4 special places: Hamburg, Cyprus…

14 December 2014photo story2 min read

Streets of Hamburg

Streets of Hamburg

So my last post was about running in Hamburg. But I also did some walking. Here are some interesting places and moments I’ve captured on a short walk near Alster and city center. Enjoy. Let’s start at the Barmbek station. I admire fast, good and reliable transport. S- and U-Bahns are great way to…

18 August 2014travel report8 min read

Latem na Maderę, czyli 2 tygodnie odpoczynku na wyspie wiecznej wiosny

Latem na Maderę, czyli 2 tygodnie odpoczynku na wyspie wiecznej wiosny

Wakacje 2014 spędziliśmy na Maderze. 14 dni odpoczynku, relaksu i spokoju. Przepiękne widoki, niebo, góry i chmury stwarzają tam wspaniałą atmosferę. Nie jest to idealne miejsce na urlop, jeśli ktoś preferuje leżenie na plaży i imprezy, ale może właśnie dlatego Madera bardzo przypadła nam do gustu…

09 June 2014photo story3 min read

Na Babią, po zachód słońca!

Widok z Babiej Góry w kierunku Zachodnim

W ostatni weekend, sobotę, 7. czerwca postanowiłem się wybrać na Babią Górę fotografować zachód słońca. Dawno temu miałem okazję być tam ze znajomymi na wschodzie, ale nie udało mi się jeszcze zobaczyć schyłku dnia. Akurat prognoza sugerowała idealne okno pogodowe, dzień wcześniej było deszczowo a i…

08 June 2014photo story5 min read

Off we go, czyli Śnieżka 2014

Off we go, czyli Śnieżka 2014

W połowie maja miałem okazję spędzić kilka dni we Wrocławiu. Natalia coachowała na Rails Girls Wrocław, a ja wykorzystałem wolną sobotę, żeby wybrać się w Karkonosze. Jeszcze nigdy wcześniej nie byłem w tamtych okolicach, może poza zimowym pobytem w Pecu pod Śnieżką, prawie 6 lat temu. Tym razem cel…

25 April 2014travel report8 min read

A humble visit to the Lake Bled

A humble visit to the Lake Bled

Last week, together with N, we’ve spent couple days in Slovenia. This short trip was very pleasant, calm and subtle experience. I really recommend to visit lake Bled and enjoy some quality time there. Ever heard of Bled? I didn’t. We’ve been to Slovenia couple times, but only as a stopover or even…

24 January 2009blog archive5 min read

9 najciekawszych zdjęć

Niedługo miną dwa lata, od kiedy zaczęła rozwijać się moja pasja związana z fotografią. W ciągu tego okresu zrobiłem parę tysięcy zdjęć, poznając zasad tej sztuki, odkrywając możliwości aparatów i ciągle doskonaląc swoje umiejętności, powoli ucząc się na własnych błędach. Mając odrobinę czasu, żeby…

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