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15 April 2022opinion piece5 min read

Work from home

My remote work setup (as of 2021)

The erosion of the current working model was already happening slowly over the last decade. Still, the previous years of COVID-related lockdowns strongly accelerated the process. I’d argue this was a positive change! I want to tell a story about the changes, collaboration and work that happened…

26 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #11

Hello. It’s Friday evening and I’ve got another reading list compiled for your pleasure. Enjoy dozens of interesting and inspiring articles and resources. Tech related Writing good React components Couple interesting tips and advices on writing good, reusable React components. React Patterns…

10 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #9 - Staying up to date with technology

It was a busy time for me. Lot of work, some training, traveling and usual stuff. But I didn’t forget you. So let’s jump quickly to my next reading list. How do I keep up with technology? Learn how to stay up to date when technologies and languages changes everyday. JavaScript and Functional…

17 July 2016reading list3 min read

Reading list #7 - Rainy Sunday edition

It’s Sunday and it’s raining. Perfect day just to grab cup of coffee, wear warm socks, sit in comfortable chair and enjoy reading. This week I’ve collected quite large set of interesting topics, so feel free to take a look and start reading! On programming (and around) Ruby on Rails Guides (v5.0.…

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