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16 April 2022development3 min read

How to access Remix route data in other routes

Not a Remix route, but stunning view on a road somewhere in Iceland

Nested routes are a neat concept of Remix framework. The idea is that segments of the URL path of the applications define the layouts and the data dependency of those layouts. In many use cases, your view could be a composition of multiple route levels, and you may end up with the need to access the…

28 February 2017personal journal3 min read

A month in review, February 2017

A month in review, February 2017

A second month already almost behind me. Time flew fast, there wasn’t much happening, though. Again, a little too much work and stress and not enough of perseverance… Training I didn’t train as much as I expected. In total, I’ve trained for about 9 hours and run for only around 30 km. I was swimming…

26 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #11

Hello. It’s Friday evening and I’ve got another reading list compiled for your pleasure. Enjoy dozens of interesting and inspiring articles and resources. Tech related Writing good React components Couple interesting tips and advices on writing good, reusable React components. React Patterns…

19 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #10 - Summer coding edition

Lets get rolling ahead of weekend. This time lots of React & Redux and Rails articles to read. Enjoy summer & enjoy my 10th reading list. Internationalization in React I18n is important topic for most of the projects we work here on, in Europe. I feel that it is often skipped by all the mainstream…

02 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #8 - Summer break

After a little longer break, here is my next reading list. Last week I’ve spent in Croatia, working remotely, relaxing on the seaside and enjoying some offline time therefore no reading list was published. But this time I’ve got bigger package for you. Technical reading The Best Way to Learn to Code…

09 July 2016reading list1 min read

Reading list #6

This time a little bit late and also somewhat short. To be honest, I didn’t have time to fully read all articles from last week. So here is a short one. ES6 for Humans Short and humble introduction and walkthrough about new methods and features of Javascript ES6. You don’t (may not) need Lodash…

02 July 2016reading list3 min read

Reading list #5 - Rails 5 released!

Lots of articles to read in this week. The biggest announcement was for me the 5.0 release of Ruby on Rails! But, of course there is more for your pleasure. Rails 5.0: Action Cable, API mode, and so much more After six months of polish, four betas, and two release candidates, Rails 5.0 is finally…

25 June 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #4

Next weekend, next reading list. This time again, lots of links related to Javascript. Enjoy! Enhancing Optimistically Filament group revisits Cutting the Mustard technique. JavaScript Object Creation: Patterns and Best Practices Refreshing article about various methods of object creation in…

17 June 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #3 - Carry a Notebook

My 3rd edition of the reading list links. Each weak I post some notable links to blog posts & articles, mostly related to development, but not only… Actually lots of links are related to Javascript. It is really becoming most vibrant, living ecosystem. So, enjoy your reading: I Was Wrong About…

11 June 2016reading list1 min read

Reading list #2 - jQuery 3.0 Released!

Another set of notable articles from this week. Biggest news, I guess is the announcement of jQuery 3. If you don’t need to support older IE then I recommend looking into it. jQuery 3.0 Final Released! Third version of jQuery released! This rock solid, swiss-knife of website scripting libraries is…

03 June 2016reading list1 min read

Introducing reading lists

There are lots of new things appearing every day. New articles, libraries, frameworks, videos, products and more. I’m usually checking lots of them during my week. I’ll try to collect them and publish it here for you. Enjoy! 3 Different Kinds of Prototypal Inheritance: ES6+ Edition Eric Elliot takes…

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