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Journal entries on the redux topic.

19 August 2016reading list2 min read

Reading list #10 - Summer coding edition

Lets get rolling ahead of weekend. This time lots of React & Redux and Rails articles to read. Enjoy summer & enjoy my 10th reading list. Internationalization in React I18n is important topic for most of the projects we work here on, in Europe. I feel that it is often skipped by all the mainstream…

17 July 2016reading list3 min read

Reading list #7 - Rainy Sunday edition

It’s Sunday and it’s raining. Perfect day just to grab cup of coffee, wear warm socks, sit in comfortable chair and enjoy reading. This week I’ve collected quite large set of interesting topics, so feel free to take a look and start reading! On programming (and around) Ruby on Rails Guides (v5.0.…

03 June 2016reading list1 min read

Introducing reading lists

There are lots of new things appearing every day. New articles, libraries, frameworks, videos, products and more. I’m usually checking lots of them during my week. I’ll try to collect them and publish it here for you. Enjoy! 3 Different Kinds of Prototypal Inheritance: ES6+ Edition Eric Elliot takes…

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