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27 October 2019blogging2 min read

Hello World Blog

Who starts a blog in 2019? Is it still a thing worth doing? Who will even read this? What platform should I use? What about should I write? So many questions before I even start questioning if I should also be doing this. Yet, if you are reading this, that means I didn’t quit, and I published my…

07 February 2017personal journal1 min read

Blog updates: server and HTTPS

Short update about my blog. As you may have already noticed the base URL has changed. I wanted to do this for a few months already, but it required some preparation I’ve postponed this multiple time. But last weekend I’ve finally turned around and did it. All pages of my website are now served via…

25 September 2008blog archive1 min read


Nie piszę, nie piszę. Bo nie mam ostatnio zbyt dużo czasu. Jest kilka spraw, które zabrały mi sporo wolnych zasobów :-) Wymieniając choćby kilka najważniejszych: kupiłem MacBooka Pro. I jestem bardzo zadowolony. kupiłem iPhone. Też mi się podoba. Brakuje mi tylko opcji udostępniania internetu. Ale z…

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