Reading list #10 - Summer coding edition

August 19, 2016reading list2 min read

Lets get rolling ahead of weekend. This time lots of React & Redux and Rails articles to read. Enjoy summer & enjoy my 10th reading list.

Internationalization in React I18n is important topic for most of the projects we work here on, in Europe. I feel that it is often skipped by all the mainstream tutorials and popular articles so it’s very helpful to see it being mentioned.

Why Redux makes sense to me and how I conceptualize it Nice explanation of Redux concepts.

Journey to Enjoyable, Maintainable Styling with React, ITCSS, and CSS-in-JS Taming large app with multiple styles, many layouts over longer period of time may be painfull. Learn how it could be done for React apps.

6 lessons learned from going to production with React-Redux Royi Schwartz shares his good and bad experiencee with using React + Redux + ES2015 + WebPack.

Getting Started With Koa 2 And async=“true”Functions Koa2 is successor of popular JS framework, Express. Check out this interesting introduction by Smashing Magazine.

JavaScript Functional Testing with Nightwatch.js Short and simple introduction about testing UI using Nightwatch.js

How to remove Action Cable from a Rails app Rails5 added cool feature of Action Cable for making more interactive, dynamic apps, however not all sites needs it. Adam Niedzielski guides us on how to remove it from your app.

Level Up Your Security in Rails Things to look out for when building and shipping your Rails app.

Opinionated presenters for Rails 5 - without the cruft Organize and tidy your Rails app with presenter patterns using Oprah.

Minitest Cheat Sheet For one of my latest rails app I’ve maintained 100% code coverage with test written using built-in Minitest framework. I wish I could have this earlier!

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson talks about programming as art, how he got started coding, his love of photography, and racing in Le Mans.

The Ins and Outs of Debugging Ruby with Byebug Byebug is very useful tool for debugging! Learn how it works and how to use it efficiently.

Anatomy of a Pattern in a Pattern Library Brad Frost shares more detailed structure of a pattern library.

How to get press coverage for your app 16 page PDF guide outlining how you can build long lasting press relationships to get the coverage your next app.

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