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30 September 2021personal journal2 min read


Sunrise reflection captured at some marina building at Außenalster, Hamburg, Germany

I went for a run today, dragging my ass from sofa, out through the door on the evening streets of Hamburg. My motivation was low, my energy was low and I struggled to complete simple and familiar 5km loop route I often used to do here. Was it worth it? What did I gain from it? The answer is clarity…

21 September 2021photo story3 min read

Return to the Fagradalsfjall volcano

A view of the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland

If you’ve read my previous story about the Fagradalsfjall volcano you know that I didn’t have much luck witnessing actual eruption. But the hike was a great experience anyway, so two weeks later, I’ve returned to the same place, took a slightly different path and went on planning to see the eruption…

25 August 2021photo story5 min read

Fagradalsfjall volcano and the lava fields of Geldingadalir

A view of lava fields "Fagradalshraun" at Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland

The Fagradalsfjall volcano was one of the key points of my trip to Iceland. I’ve visited the site twice, in the beginning, and towards the end of my journey. While I almost didn’t see the eruption, I enjoyed the surreal landscape quite a lot. This photo story is a record of the hike. The Nátthagi…

02 April 2021personal journal2 min read

Wake up!

A view from Bramfelder Brücke, Hamburg, Germany

It has been a long (winter) hibernation season. Way too long for me. My blog was stagnant for eight months, and I was stuck too. Not much happened, not much changed. The pandemic is still pretty much going on around us, but I cannot blame everything on it. While it contributed to the state of things…

23 August 2020personal journal1 min read

Moin, moin Hamburg!

A photo from Hamburg

It was a bit spontaneous decision, it happened quickly, it took almost 3 months of efforts, but here we are. We’ve finally completed our move to Hamburg, Germany! Good Bye London We’ve spent the last couple of years living in London. We’ve enjoyed our time there, vibrant culture, green parks, a…

01 June 2020photo story3 min read

One week in Portugal

A photo of the Tram from Portugal

In the middle of March 2019, we’ve paid a short visit to Portugal, visiting Lisbon, Porto, and some places along the way. This photo story is a short memory of this travel. Note that this entry was published in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since it isn’t the best time to travel and we’ve…

17 May 2020photo story6 min read

Memories from Scotland

A photo from Scotland

In October 2018, we went for a short trip to Scotland. It was our first visit there, and we were eager to find out what it’s gonna be like… Our itinerary was packed with many places we wanted to see, and the trip was already highly anticipated. We already had to move it from earlier dates in Summer…

23 April 2020blogging1 min read

COVID-19 f****d everything

An abstract photo of a Bonsai tree sprouting new leaves

It’s not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic… COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble. It has been almost 2 months when the world is dealing with pandemic caused by Coronavirus. I won’t go into detail or implication around this…

07 March 2020photo story3 min read

Growing plants underground in London

A photo of English Salad Mix by Growing Underground, London

Who would have thought about the idea of growing plans deep underground? Well, maybe in some post-apocalyptic movie, but in real life, that doesn’t seem straightforward, right? I was surprised too when I stumbled upon the company called Growing Underground. They produce fresh greens and salad leaves…

01 March 2020photo story4 min read

Hammersmith Bridge sunrise and photowalk

A photo of Hammersmith Bridge, London, captured in early at 1st of March, 2020

I was dying to see some good weather, but in February this year was quite miserable. There was a lot of rain and cloudy mornings, so I never had a good chance to go out for some photography challenges. So when I saw a surprisingly good forecast for this Sunday, I immediately knew that was it! All…

16 February 2020photo story4 min read

A weekend in Cambridge

A photo of the river Cam, seen in Cambridge, UK, captured in February, 2020

As I moved to the UK only a few years ago, everything around is fresh and new. Lucky to have friends in Cambridge, we’ve visited them for a weekend and took the opportunity to see this lovely British city. Our stay was short, only two days, but we’ve visited a few interesting places. What you see…

04 February 2020blogging2 min read

Beating January blues

An image of the Lodon Eye, as seen from west bank of Thames River, captured in January, 2020

We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us. One day after another, we need to face the challenges of our usual lives. We feel down, tired, and lacking energy. We slip, make bad choices, or retract to…

19 January 2020blogging1 min read

It's null until you ship it

Image of the container ship, captured in Hamburg, Germany

This is exactly the status of my blog. It’s not existing for anyone, even though it has been under work for the last couple of weeks. I struggle sweating over typography details, style of the photo gallery, compositions of the components, and so on. In the end, it doesn’t matter that much. These are…

10 December 2019training2 min read

Running towards the changes

This year was truly a setback to me. In the beginning, I grappled with the injury that I carried even from the previous season. Running was always an afterthought, and I’ve found enough excuses to skip way too many training runs. But this is going to change. I’ve been struggling with being…

27 October 2019blogging2 min read

Hello World Blog

Who starts a blog in 2019? Is it still a thing worth doing? Who will even read this? What platform should I use? What about should I write? So many questions before I even start questioning if I should also be doing this. Yet, if you are reading this, that means I didn’t quit, and I published my…

30 December 2018personal journal6 min read

Wrapping up 2018

Again, the time has come to sit down and look back into the past year. It’s almost end of a busy, little dull year of 2018. If you’re following my blog, please sit down and revisit with me the last 12 months of my life. Running and training As usual, I’ll start with a quick look at my sport…

06 October 2018photo story2 min read

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Early Sunday last week I went for a long run as one of the final training runs before the upcoming marathon. I ran through the Richmond Park and the sunrise I’ve witnessed left me stunned. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen. I’ve started early, around 5AM. I passed first 1…

29 September 2018personal journal2 min read

Post summer summary

Post summer summary

I didn’t post any updates lately. Two months passed without a post. Sorry about that. It feels like I’ve been out of focus for some time. Summer’s ended, and I’m trying to fix that now. Update on marathon training On the last personal update, I’ve mentioned preparing for my upcoming marathon run in…

21 July 2018photo story4 min read

Hiking on Tenerife: Cruz del Carmen in Anaga Mountains

Hiking on Tenerife: Cruz del Carmen in Anaga Mountains

Anaga Mountains found on the northeastern side of Tenerife offer an entirely different environment than the rest of the island. Green, humid forest, the variety of plants and trees makes them an excellent area for hiking and exploration. One of my last days on Tenerife I went for a long hike…

20 July 2018photo story3 min read

Hiking on Tenerife: Arona to Roque del Conde to Roque de los Brezos and back

Hiking on Tenerife: Arona to Roque del Conde to Roque de los Brezos and back

In the area of Arona, there are many distinct mountains. They each reach up to 1000 meters high, but their height makes a big impression because you can observe them almost from the sea level. So one afternoon I’ve decided to go for a hike to a nearby mountain with quite interesting, flat top. To…

17 June 2018running log5 min read

Running on Tenerife: Adeje to Montaña Carrasco and back

Running on Tenerife: Adeje to Montaña Carrasco and back

If you, like me, came to Tenerife to seek challenging trails, hard rocks, curvy paths and beautiful views you won’t be disappointed. Today I present first from many run/hikes runs I’m covering during my short summer break on Tenerife. The inspiration for this route came to me naturally when I was…

03 June 2018personal journal4 min read

May training report and updates

May training report and updates

May is gone, and with lots of sunny, warm days we’re officially entering summer period. It looks like it will be a hot one. As usual, I’m publishing my monthly summary for the past month. Enjoy. Traning numbers in May This month was a substantial increase over April. I was able to run more often and…

29 April 2018personal journal2 min read

Monthly update, April 2018

Monthly update, April 2018

It was an interesting month. It passed by quickly though, like other months too. I get the feeling that the time is accelerating. Or maybe its because we live busy lives, not always focus on what’s essential for us. Training I’m writing this on Sunday, so the last day of the month is tomorrow, but…

26 April 2018personal journal1 min read

Next challenge: Munich Marathon 2018

Next challenge: Munich Marathon 2018

Feeling a little buzzed and inspired from watching the runners on the London’s streets, I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’ve signed for Munich Marathon! Starting from today, I have exactly 170 days until Generali München Maraton (the official name) which will take place on 14. October 2018. That…

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