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A world viewed through my eyes (and the viewfinder)

Moin, moin Hamburg

In summer 2020 I moved to Hamburg. This is my current photo story in the making...

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Magnificent London

I've lived in London for around 3 years and it was always surprising me with stunning views, architecture, beautiful parks and its vibrant culture.

This gallery is a collection of photography work created over last few years.

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Żabka, the black cat

Our beloved feline, has been with us for more than a decade. She's our company, bringing us happiness and love.

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Backyard guests

Squirrels are funny little creatures and we're happy they live in our backyards.

Sometimes is just enough to look through your window...

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The closer look

A gallery of photos of various plants, flowers and gardens close-ups I've accumulated over my adventure with photography.

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