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  • Two hikers on the trail at Brecon Beacons Mountains, Wales, UK photo story Sunset and sunrise at the Beacons Horseshoe

    Only a few weeks later, after my long hike in Brecon Beacons Mountains, I returned to the same mountains visiting the most spectacular parts, known as the Beacons Horseshoe.

  • A photo of Hammersmith Bridge, London, captured in early at 1st of March, 2020 photo story Hammersmith Bridge sunrise and photowalk

    I was dying to see some good weather, but in February this year was quite miserable. There was a lot of rain and cloudy mornings, so I never had a good chance to go out for some photography challenges.

  • Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London photo story Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

    Early Sunday last week I went for a long run as one of the final training runs before the upcoming marathon. I ran through the Richmond Park and the sunrise I've witnessed left me stunned. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen.

  • Catching the light photo story Catching the light

    It was 8 PM, the day before when I’ve got the crazy idea of going for a trip to photograph the sunrise from the top of Babia Góra. I would later see, that clouds almost entirely covered the peak and no sun for me, but it was one of best hikes I've ever had.