Post summer summary

Post summer summary

September 29, 2018personal journal2 min read

I didn’t post any updates lately. Two months passed without a post. Sorry about that. It feels like I’ve been out of focus for some time. Summer’s ended, and I’m trying to fix that now.

Update on marathon training

On the last personal update, I’ve mentioned preparing for my upcoming marathon run in Munich. Well… the training didn’t go well.

That injury I’ve caught on one of my runs on Tenerife put me out for couple weeks. There was still plenty of time to prepare, but somehow my mind and mood were constantly not there.

However, I’m not quitting! Even though I’ll be horribly unprepared and will probably suffer for a significant part of the run, I plan to finish. If that means walking or crawling, fine. But I’ll run through it. I’m a runner.

Update on work/life balance

Over the past months, I’ve also been working a bit too much. If I count right, since mid of July, I’ve been 7 times in Munich. My project’s team has changed, and the client requested help in the transition phase and the onboarding process for new developers.

I don’t mind that. The work I do is interesting and challenging. Also, the new team turned out to be well-made, skilled and eager to experiment, change things and move fast. I’m really hoping to ship the product we’re building soon and iterate more quickly from there.

On the other hand, it is easy to forget the priorities. The time during travel often feels lost without focus or quality company of important ones. Add to the mix the ease of access to a few drinks, be it in the plane or a hotel lobby and you can end up on an easy path leading nowhere.

Finding focus

There are too many distractions around. It is very easy to let ourselves wander off the path we’re supposed to follow. Deep down we know that the choices we make are not ones that are good for us.

I set myself on the quest to find focus. There are so many things I want to accomplish and I know that without razor-sharp focus, without serious commitment I’ll never reach my goals.

I want to reach my goals. I know I can. I’ll achieve it!

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