2015 out, 2016 in

2015 out, 2016 in

January 1, 2016personal journal2 min read

Another year passed, another year starting. These 365 days are flowing very fast. Lots of things happened during the last year. I would like to share some stats about them, plus maybe give some look into the future.

Travel, fun and photography

I have traveled to 4 special places: Hamburg, Cyprus, Tenerife and Barcelona, plus some other shorter trips (Munich, Łódź, Warszawa).

I’ve made photos of at least dozen of events for Women in Technology meetups and other cultural parties. I’ve even helped to organize one Hackathon: Open Culture Hack. More of my photos can be found on my Flickr page.

In the upcoming year, I wish to take more landscape photos. I am also thinking on upgrading my gear, but… we will see if that’s possible. We have other, bigger plans first (and you will find out about them later).

Running & training

In 2015, On Strava I’ve logged 79 hours of training and 650km. I’ve also done one race (DNF). A goal for 2016 will be to double the training hours. So let’s aim for 150 hours and more than 1000km. Put one or two races to the bucket and I’ll be very happy in the end.

Blogging and stuff

My blog changed look again. I’ve put more focus on simplicity and photos. I think I want to continue heading in that direction also this year. It is only sad, that I’ve managed to write only 12 posts – roughly one per month. I am sure I can do better!

I have published some of my code on my github profile. You can find there my old wordpress theme, some of the simple coding projects I’ve made when learning iOS programming and also some of the older project ideas I no longer maintain.

Minimalism is also a topic I would like to explore. Focus more on the important things, minimize distractions and things that don’t matter. I’ll update you on that, for sure.

That’s all for now. Enjoy 2016, it has the potential to become the best year so far in our lives!

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