Can't believe it is already summer, June 2017

Can't believe it is already summer, June 2017

July 5, 2017personal journal3 min read

Just 2 days ago I went for a run on a warm and sunny afternoon and this thought struck me. It’s already July and that means we’re already in the 2nd half of the year. Amazing, how the time flies. If you care enough about what I do and think, stay with me for my monthly update.


First, some thoughts about my training. It didn’t go as good as I expected. After a quite good month in May, where I tracked 106km and 18 hours of activity in June it was less. I blame business travel. I blame my laziness.

For June, I’ve recorded only 93 km and 11 hours. I say “only”, because I was expecting more. But it was not that bad either. I’ve run Parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs, finishing with my best time there, 24:41.

I’ve also run slow, but enjoyable 10km run in Munich Sendling West Park. The weather was great (even too hot) and I’ve really liked exploring many different pathways through the park.

Snap from the run through Munich Sendling West Park

Last, I’ve tried to beat my 5k PB on a path around Theresienwiese. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at this. I guess drinking beer during flight and running in the evening is not a recipe for success.

Parkrun photos

I did volunteer for one of the Parkrun events as a photographer. It was a fun experience and I was happy to give something back to the community.

Start line of #315 Parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs
Start line of #315 Parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs

Even though I had some hiccups with my gear (battery died and I had to finish shooting with iPhone), it went quite okay in the end.

More photos from Parkrun#315 at Wormwood Scrubs can be found on my Flickr page.

Work is quite tough at the moment. In June I’ve changed team I’ll be working with as the client I work with is moving development of their platform in-house and now we’re all part of bit chaotic transition period. I’m settling with the new team, trying to help them get on track, clean up some rough patches and push more pressure and focus on building clean architecture.

My new team is located in Munich and now this will be the city I’ll be visiting more often in next months. I’ve already been there twice in June and will be flying there again next week.

Personal updates

We’ve got a new cat in our home! It’s a young cat, we’ve adopted from RSPCA in June and call her Missy. She’s still shy but after 2 weeks she started to get used to us. But, for now, we give her lot of space and time to accommodate at our place.

Plans for July

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Nothing beats it. I just need to focus more on working out on regular basis, eat enough food and sleep well. This month is really important if I want to prepare at least partially for my long run in August.

Until next time!

PS. I’ve been also working on small design tweaks to the blog (again) and I plan to roll them out soon.

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