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Reading list #2 - jQuery 3.0 Released!

Another set of notable articles from this week. Biggest news, I guess is the announcement of jQuery 3. If you don’t need to support older IE then I recommend looking into it.

jQuery 3.0 Final Released! Third version of jQuery released! This rock solid, swiss-knife of website scripting libraries is again updated. Slimmer, faster, better. It’s actually gradual upgrade from version 2. So it shouldn’t be a big problem to upgrade.

Pete Hunt: React - Rethinking Best Practices (updated) - JSConf.Asia 2013 JSConf Little bit old video, but quite worth to watch if you didn’t step yet into React. Small paradigm shift for your mind, I would say.

Making your JavaScript Pure Jack Franklin writing on Alistapart.com about function purity. What is this, why does it matter and how to achieve it. Definitely recommend!

Getting less done DHH on why less is more.

The Shocking Secret About Static Types Controversial Eric Elliott writes about problems which Typescript does not solve, but some people think it is.

Entry published on 11 June 2016 under #reading list, #jquery, #react, #javascript, #less is more.
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