Reading list #3 - Carry a Notebook

June 17, 2016reading list2 min read

My 3rd edition of the reading list links. Each weak I post some notable links to blog posts & articles, mostly related to development, but not only…

Actually lots of links are related to Javascript. It is really becoming most vibrant, living ecosystem. So, enjoy your reading:

I Was Wrong About TypeScript, Here is Why Tatu Tamminen rethinking his initial misconceptions about TypeScript.

The difference between Virtual DOM and DOM Bartosz Krajka from Arkency explaining how Virtual DOM works

The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux Almost like a book! Great writeup on building SoundCloud client with React & Redux. From scratch! Without any generators!

Gentle explanation of ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript Dmitri Pavlutin explaining javascript basics: the meaning & usage of this keyword.

Using React Native: One Year Later How does it feel to use React Native for one year?

Pixel Density, Demystified Peter Nowell explains how pixel density works and how it affects your designs.

On the culture

Anonymous feedback breeds a culture of distrust Signal v. Noise entry on why anonymous feedback could be harmful for the culture in your company.

The Slack Workspace Manifesto Slack team shares it’s approach to designing humane spaces

Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook If you’re looking for creative inspirations, you should carry one too.

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