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  • My photo gallery template development How to build a simple photo gallery with Astro

    I recently added a photo gallery to my site, and Astro is a perfect tool for this task. In this article, I'll show you how to build a photo gallery in a few simple steps.

  • A photo of stars in the night sky, captured somewhere in south west England personal journal This blog is moving to Astro!

    For the last 4 years, Gatsby has been the engine behind this blog. But from today onwards, you're browsing a page built with Astro, a web framework that powers fast content sites. Here's why I decided to move away from Gatsby and what I like about Astro.

  • Not a Remix route, but stunning view on a road somewhere in Iceland development How to access Remix route data in other routes

    Nested routes are a neat concept of Remix framework. The idea is that segments of the URL path of the applications define the layouts and the data dependency of those layouts. In many use cases, your view could be a composition of multiple route levels, and you may end up with the need to access the data that was fetched in one of your parent (or child) routes.