Today is better than tomorrow

February 16, 2015personal journal1 min read

We all have this. Put things aside, thinking tomorrow or someday. Just not now, not today. I say: Tomorrow I’ll go to gym. Next week I’ll finally start running again. I’ll update my blog when it will be ready… I’ll do that, but first I need to do something else. I will travel to take photos, but just not now. Not yet.

There is always excuse. Always something else.

We may have different reasons for our actions. We’re all busy with our lives. Day to day working in the offices, caring about others, or just doing daily stuff we need to do. We try hard every day, because for the most of us the live is not easy. But what if I tell myself that:

Today is better than tomorrow. And now is better than never.

How will my life change if I follow this principles and apply them to my life. Go to gym now. Deploy that changes you had been doing on your project since last couple months. Stop being afraid of what people say or think. Share your thoughts. Learn and explore.

In the end, we only regret actions that we didn't take

So I’ll just publish it. Today. Right now.

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