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  • A view from Bramfelder Brücke, Hamburg, Germany personal journal Wake up!

    It has been a long (winter) hibernation season. Way too long for me. My blog was stagnant for eight months, and I was stuck too. Not much happened, not much changed.

  • Back on track in June personal journal Back on track in June

    Damn, it's been more than a month since I've wrote about running. To be honest, it wasn't very intense. Only couple of short runs and one longer run trip. But this month I'm finally starting to feel it.

  • Run to magic places running log Run to magic places

    Sometimes I'm just amazed how the same route looks and feels when you run it at a different time. Today, I went on the run in the evening, just about 1 hour before sunset. The photographers say that it's and golden hour.

  • Fighting my demons personal journal Fighting my demons

    This entry will be different. It has been a long time struggle for me and all the time I thought that I’ve got this. That I have it under control and I’m making progress. But it’s not entirely true and here is why.

  • Your time is limited... personal journal Your time is limited...

    Dear friends, this are one of the most powerful words I’ve ever heard. This is, of course, quote from famous Steve Jobs’ “Stay hungry, stay foolish” speech at Stanford university.

  • Today is better than tomorrow personal journal Today is better than tomorrow

    We all have this. Put things aside, thinking tomorrow or someday. Just not now, not today. I say: Tomorrow I’ll go to gym. Next week I’ll finally start running again. I’ll update my blog when it will be ready…

  • I run, therefore I live Random thoughts I run, therefore I live

    I wanted to write this since long time.

  • Caballo Blanco random thoughts Caballo Blanco

    A few days ago was the anniversary of Caballo Blanco's death. A wonderful character who inspired Christopher McDougall to write Born to Run.