Spring bottom bounce, March 2018

March 31, 2018personal journal2 min read

Closing this month with small amounts of updates.

So, today is the last day of March. Mentally, it’ll be the mark of the end of the winter period. Again, the month was busy with work, and not so much happen, so it felt a bit insignificant.


I’m embarrassed by the progress in this month. My Strava account shows just circa 30 kilometers and 6 hours. I did a couple in the park and been to the gym, but that’s it.

I can probably explain this with two business trips to Munich this month, and also me being sick in the mid of the month.

I’m feeling bit disappointed and demotivated by the lack of progress, so I hope to change this in April. Not drastically, but at least to get back to the level of January/February.

Changes on the blog

I’ve invested couple evenings adding some tweaks to my blog. Some time ago I was considering replacing Middleman with Gatsby, but in the end, I’ve decided it is not worth it - replacing it, just for the sake of change…

Some things did change though. I’ve simplified the design of the subpages, kept consistent header and navigation and managed to reduce some code in the templates and CSS rules.

The results are quite nice - my website scores 99 / 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights tests! To support the high performance, I’ve also moved my domain to Cloudflare to leverage the speed and CDN capabilities of their service.

I have some plans for the future, to extend the blog archives and finally build propper photography section.

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