August 18, 2015personal journal2 min read

Things are changing. I already see some progress. I wake up earlier and have more energy. My tasks are getting organized better and I am able to finish it faster.

I am able to do couple simple workout in the week, step by step overcoming the weakness of my body and mind. I hope to achieve more. I know I will do more and that I am on the right path.


Last Sunday, together with my friend Krzysztof I travel to Zakopane with the attempt to reach Rysy, the highest peak in Tatry. Unfortunately we were not able.

View from the climb to Rys
View from the climb to Rys

Around noon, somewhere in the middle of the step climb, where you had to use chains to support the weather suddenly changed. I was already pretty tired and in just couple minutes the storm started. We’ve experienced hail, pouring rain thunderstorm.

Even though we’ve decided to go back as soon as the first drops started to fall on us, it was already too late. The descent was slow because of slippery rocks, pouring rain and many people on the trail. I think it took about 1-1,5 hour before we were down, near the lake level. But of course we’re super glad we were there safe. Its much more important than reaching any of the summits.

I made some photos

During last two weeks I also did couple other things related to photography.

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