A peek into first week of 2017

A peek into first week of 2017

January 8, 2017personal journal3 min read

The first week of 2017 passed quite quickly. Given some undistracted time, I can take a look at the time literally from the 10000ft perspective, as I’m now flying to Hamburg. So while it looks like that the new year is starting quite busy, let’s step back and reflect on that.

As I look at my Fitbit records, I can already see some recurring pattern with my sleep routine. While I get +7 hours in bed, I’m definitely going to bed too late and also waking up too late.

I really want to improve this area since actually to be in touch with my coworkers I need to start my work one hour earlier to make up for the time difference. It wouldn’t be a big issue, but I think I’m most productive in the morning.


I’m quite happy with reading this week. I’ve finished REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson rally quickly (in 2-3 evenings). The book is short but packed with interesting essays that usually could be summarized by short headline or paragraphs. Here are few points:

  • Less bullshit, more work,
  • Be more focused, fewer distractions,
  • Less is more,
  • Build business, not a startup,
  • Believe in yourself,
  • Be brave, be smart
  • Validate and explore,
  • Don’t copy, be inspired and goal oriented,
  • ASAP is poison (actual title of one of the essays)


For some time already I’ve got this one idea on building small side project about tracking business travel and expenses. After some brainstorming, I was actually motivated to write something. I’ve even started creating app skeleton in Rails but after couple hours, when I started to dig deeper into the topic I’ve actually lost my initial enthusiasm. Surely, there are some valid business cases for that, but on the other hand, I see some many unclear topics that I’m not sure if this is something worth executing.

Running around Alster, Hamburg

The week ended with a nice run. I’ve arrived in Hamburg and of course, I’ve packed my running shoes and clothes. Since I was staying in a hotel near Alster, I’ve picked the obvious route around the lake. It was a little further than I expected - 10km and more than 1 hour. Unfortunately, in last 3 months, I’ve lost so much of my fitness level that in the end of the run I could really feel the fatigue. But I did it and that counts!

Evening view on Alster, Hamburg

Running around the lake is I think one of the best places to run in Hamburg. There is a gravel path around, with few pedestrian bridges and many locations where you can admire the view of the city skyline. This time it was already after dusk, but the lights reflections in the water looked really nice.

Every time I’m in Hamburg I always aim to have a run around there and I invite you to do the same when you’ll be there.

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