Jan Kraus
26 September 2016personal journal1 min read

About that silence...

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been silent for about last month… If you waited for another reading list episode - sorry, I’ll return to posting from October. There were many things going on and even more will come.

Last month passed so quickly for me. I’ve got couple business travels to Hamburg and Munich. Time usually flies quickly when I’m traveling. A simple schedule: fly - sleep - work - run - chill - sleep - work - fly.

I’ve managed to go out for short run there, but it wasn’t much. I’m still slightly feeling the left ankle after the injury about 4 weeks ago. I was hoping it will be better until that time. So anyway, time to put off my running plans for this season.

Big changes

I won’t tell yet, but there are going to be some bigger changes in my life. If you stay tuned, I’ll reveal more in next month ;-)

Entry published on 26 September 2016 under #personal journal, #blogging, #life updates, #self reflections, #changes.
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