Blog updates: server and HTTPS

February 7, 2017personal journal1 min read

Short update about my blog. As you may have already noticed the base URL has changed. I wanted to do this for a few months already, but it required some preparation I’ve postponed this multiple time. But last weekend I’ve finally turned around and did it.

All pages of my website are now served via HTTPS, signed by the certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

I couldn’t implement all changes upfront because previously, the site was hosted on the static webserver of which didn’t allow SSH access and I didn’t want to play with their cumbersome certs setup.

Last weekend I’ve finally transferred my domain to OVH (yes, I’ve paid definitely too much at and also updated DNS entries to point to new server. This was the first step. After that, setting secure HTTPS vhost entries was just one simple command and that’s it.

Upgrading to HTTPS is one of many smaller improvements I want to implement this year on my blog. Stay tuned!

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