Recovery month, March 2017

Recovery month, March 2017

April 8, 2017personal journal2 min read

I’ve got some delay with publishing this. Somehow feel disconnected with blogging recently and just this weekend got finally time on sunny, Saturday morning to sit quietly, think back and write about past month.

I was also sick for almost one week which was unthinkable for me… I was always proud of not getting sick for a long time. But I think this time some stress, less than perfect diet and a run on a cold day were behind this.

Speaking of running…

Running and training

Last month (March) I tracked 9 hours of training and 30km in distance. That’s quite short, but anyway, even with the week off, I was still able to beat it in April. Strava shows 10 hours and 57km. And that is good! I’ve again increased distance, this time by almost double!

Still not feeling comfortable with running for more than 10k, but I think I’m getting closer to this.

I also joined two Parkruns. Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun on 4th of March was muddy, wet and cold run. I’ve finished in around 29 minutes. This was the run that I got sick after… Second was Gunnersbury Parkrun - completely different, warm and sunny with over two hundred people on the path.

I’ve finished with 26:22. Maybe some time I can beat 25 minutes?

Crowdy start at Gunnersbury Parkrun, London

In the end of the month, I’ve also pushed a little bit stronger to complete “Women’s Month Running Challenge” from Strava. The challenge was to run 24 miles in 24 days to celebrate International Women’s Month. I did it!

Work and travel

The month was busy as usual. This time I was traveling to Hamburg and Kraków. Didn’t have much time to work on the personal project, although I’m starting to explore small idea related to renewable energy sources.

Personal development and life organization

Again, this month passed without much of improvements. I didn’t have the energy to commit to my goal of gaining weight. Being sick didn’t help and later I was just not feeling it. So no progress and also I don’t think so I’ll do anything in this direction in April.

I know I’ll focus more on training. I want to bump distance to 80km and hit the gym once or twice. About the rest… we will see. Until the next time!

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