Short monthly update, October 2017

Short monthly update, October 2017

November 1, 2017personal journal3 min read

Autumn is already there and just two months left in this year. As usual, although not very regularly I sit down to reflect on past month. Follow me.

Slow training

September and October were almost completely out of running. I’ve only run twice, for about 10km in total. One of the runs happened to be in Munich, only short loop around Theresienwiese, just 2 weeks later after the end of famous Oktoberfest. The place was still under deconstruction, with cranes and big skeletons of the tents.

It wasn’t spent completely on the couch, though. I did hit the gym 5 times, doing some basic lifting exercises. Could it be more? Definitely! I feel like, somehow, I’ve lost touch with my training after the summer. Maybe it’s a sight of burnout, but to be honest I didn’t train earlier that much, so I don’t think so. Perhaps I need to think about it. I would rather believe that it is a reflection of greater disconnection or misalignment in my life.

Work dissatisfaction

I must say, that some frustration is accumulating in relation to the work I’m doing. I know that building platform based on microservices is not an easy job, but I somehow start to dislike my current project. I’ve always seen big potential in what we’re doing but when you’re still in almost the same place like a half year ago, some things must be wrong… And I don’t have an answer why.

And a nice place to eat

Beside travel to Germany (work related), it was a relatively calm month. We did discover one nice place in Chinatown called Tokyo Dinner. It’s a small, Japanese restaurant. They serve nice udon and tofu dishes, have friendly staff and are not so expensive. We’ve been there two times this month and we’ll definitely add this place to list of our favorites. One day, when it will grow to 10, I’ll promise to blog about them.

I’ve also finished reading one book, “Black Oceans” from Jacek Dukaj. It’s an SF novel oriented around genetical engineering, virtual reality AI and future wars. It was interesting to read, although I disliked some longer thoughts monologues and some neologism mumble that was reappearing from time to time. Also, the finale somehow disappointed me.

But I’ve just found out from Wikipedia, that the book was cut almost by half on the request from the publisher, so perhaps this explains why it wasn’t so smooth read from beginning till end.

Looking forward

I don’t want to look back and complain. Some months are better, other feels like a step back.

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