My month in review: August 2015

August 30, 2015personal journal3 min read

Phew, this was busy month. It’s not even an end yet – still have one day to go – but I have to write this summary anyway. I doubt it will change that much tomorrow. So, lets get through.


The idea of getting rid of unused stuff around me was bouncing in my head for quite some time. At some point in the month I’ve started to do it daily. Just with small efforts: every day, try to search for one thing I can get rid. And so I did.

Unfortunately this didn’t last long, because other activities consumed my attention. But hey, 5 things is still much more than zero 😉

  • Wrapper from the SIM card, with the PIN & PUK code written. I assumed I could just take a photo of it and throw the plastic thing.
  • 5 business cards with some contacts I don’t even need, one has address details so I just snapped photo of it. Couple of my business card which were a little bit worn out in my wallet.
  • Black rubber arm band from 3x Śnieżka race (ultra distance which I DNF)
  • One pair of worn out socks
  • One old T-shirt

There is already a bag of things waiting to leave our home, but still it will require some efforts to get rid of them (we’re listing it cheaply on Allegro).


It would be lie if I told, that I did some serious running. But I’ve definitely improved over last month. My Strava calendar has much more dots in August. 😉

  • I did 11 short runs, some of them followed by short training in the outdoor gym
  • I’ve also run 3 longish runs
  • Cumulatively, that have accounted for more than 110km, almost 14 hours outside (perhaps even more, as my run/hike in Tatra Mountains was not fully tracked.

I’m super happy that I did it, but on the other hand – it was hard! I feel that I’ve fallen out of the loop couple months. My fitness levels dropped, I had lots of excuses which in the end led me to poor performance. So in August I’ve started climbing out, but the process was (still is) painful. The first runs were slow & tiring. It improved a little bit, yet my endurance level is still quite low. I’ll continue working on that.

Running through narrow path into somewhere...
Running through narrow path into somewhere...


I am also happy that I did some progress in organizing my way of living. Almost for whole month I was able to get up quite early and be in the office around 8 in the morning. This gave me some freshness in early hours. I’ve really enjoyed quiet time when working during that time. Less distractions, less emails…

On the other hand, my work-life balance is spinning out of control. Too much work, too less time for other activities. I keep saying to myself, after this project, it will be better. It won’t. And I need to do something about it… Of to next month. September!

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