Training into the unknown - beginning 2018

Training into the unknown - beginning 2018

February 3, 2018personal journal2 min read

The first month of January went pretty fast. Here’s some short report from it.


I didn’t set for any big goal for this year. I didn’t sign up for any race; I don’t have any particular distance to reach. I would preferably focus on the groundwork.

So my principal focus is just to train and have fun with it. And this is what I am doing.

January is still early on my training path. I’m happy though, I’ve made some improvement over past month, slightly increasing the distance to 76km with 8 hours of total training.

My longest run was 13,5km with big part running along Grand Union Canale. It’s an interesting path - maybe I’ll find some motivation to explore it further?

Running path along Grand Union Canale, London
Running path along Grand Union Canale, London

Parkrun @ Gunnersbury

Last Saturday, I joined 5km Parkrun race at Gunnersbury Park. It went quite okay. I finished somewhat around 26-minute mark. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to break 25 minutes. I guess I just need to run more to find out.

Parkrun at Gunnersbury Park, happy to run with so many different people!

The challenge is to keep up

One of my main challenges is how to keep up with the consistency of my training. I have two good weeks, then something pops up, or I have less energy, and I skip my scheduled run thinking that I can make it up on the next. But the next one is a challenge on its own, and there is never enough time or will to do it.

So consistency is one of the areas I want to improve. Maybe the idea is to schedule my training in the morning? We’ll see. I’ll review this challenge at the end of February.

I’ll finish with this quote of Louis Zamperini:

To persevere, I think, is important for everybody.
Don’t give up, don’t give in.
There’s always an answer to everything.

Off until next time!

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