An abstract photo of a Bonsai tree sprouting new leaves

COVID-19 f****d everything

An abstract photo of a Bonsai tree sprouting new leaves
April 23, 2020blogging1 min read

It’s not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic… COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble.

It has been almost 2 months when the world is dealing with pandemic caused by Coronavirus. I won’t go into detail or implication around this issue because nearly everyone wrote about it. I just wanted to share some thoughts that I have.

I’m actually in a really privileged position. I didn’t get sick (yet), I didn’t have to close my business, be forced to work in the field, or lose my job permanently (I did lose my job, but only temporary for a few weeks). I can stay at home, maintain self distancing, and generally just be mildly affected by the current situation.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to be in this position, and I’m really trying to appreciate that! But still, it seems like almost everything has changed. I wanted to post about some minor annoyances, but after thinking more about it, it just didn’t feel right. My “issues” are minimal and are not even worth mentioning. I’ll return to this later.

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