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  • A photo of stars in the night sky, captured somewhere in south west England personal journal This blog is moving to Astro!

    For the last 4 years, Gatsby has been the engine behind this blog. But from today onwards, you're browsing a page built with Astro, a web framework that powers fast content sites. Here's why I decided to move away from Gatsby and what I like about Astro.

  • Stormy waves hitting shore at Workington, UK personal journal Updates, updates

    It has been almost six months since the last update. That's quite a long time. Especially for someone who claims to tell stories! I won't seek excuses to explain that. I was definitely lacking some engagement, creativity and inspiration. Some ongoing personal changes also contributed to this.

  • Sunrise reflection captured at some marina building at Außenalster, Hamburg, Germany personal journal Clarity

    I went for a run today, dragging my ass from sofa, out through the door on the evening streets of Hamburg. My motivation was low, my energy was low and I struggled to complete simple and familiar 5km loop route I often used to do here.

  • A view from Bramfelder Brücke, Hamburg, Germany personal journal Wake up!

    It has been a long (winter) hibernation season. Way too long for me. My blog was stagnant for eight months, and I was stuck too. Not much happened, not much changed.

  • A photo from Hamburg personal journal Moin, moin Hamburg!

    It was a bit spontaneous decision, it happened quickly, it took almost 3 months of efforts, but here we are. We've finally completed our move to Hamburg, Germany!

  • An abstract photo of a Bonsai tree sprouting new leaves blogging COVID-19 f****d everything

    It's not an understatement to say, that the life of every human on earth was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic... COVID-19 fucked our comfortable life bubble.

  • An image of the Lodon Eye, as seen from west bank of Thames River, captured in January, 2020 blogging Beating January blues

    We all know how it starts. Beginning of the year, we start the month with a head full of ideas and a heard full of hope. And then live gets us.

  • Image of the container ship, captured in Hamburg, Germany blogging It's null until you ship it

    This is exactly the status of my blog. It's not existing for anyone, even though it has been under work for the last couple of weeks.

  • Hello World Blog blogging Hello World Blog

    Who starts a blog in 2019? Is it still a thing worth doing? Who will even read this? What platform should I use? What about should I write?

  • Wrapping up 2018 personal journal Wrapping up 2018

    Again, the time has come to sit down and look back into the past year. It's almost end of a busy, little dull year of 2018. If you're following my blog, please sit down and revisit with me the last 12 months of my life.

  • 2017 - a year in review personal journal 2017 - a year in review

    It has become my tradition to spend couple hours by the end of a year and write a yearly review post. I'm doing that since last couple years. Today I'm writing this on retrospection of 2017. I invite you to read my share of struggles and moments of joy, successes & failures, ups, and downs.

  • Blog updates: server and HTTPS personal journal Blog updates: server and HTTPS

    Short update about my blog. As you may have already noticed the base URL has changed. I wanted to do this for a few months already, but it required some preparation I've postponed this multiple time. But last weekend I've finally turned around and did it.

  • Without a word, next month passes by personal journal Without a word, next month passes by

    It feels like it was just a blink of an eye, yet another month just passed. I've promised more frequent updates but I still don't have enough time to do that.

  • The black protest opinion piece The black protest

    This is quite unusual for my blog, to actually write about current topics. But I was thinking about it and I guess... every opinion matters. So do mine, so do yours.

  • About that silence... personal journal About that silence...

    You've probably noticed that I've been silent for about last month... If you waited for another _reading list_ episode - sorry, I'll return to posting from October. There were many things going on and even more will come.

  • Happy to be there personal journal Happy to be there

    First 10 days of July passed and I feel I need to report some of the details about the progress for last couple weeks. Summer is fully here. Days are quite long, weather's not bad, things are rolling.

  • Keeping the fire burning personal journal Keeping the fire burning

    Sometimes it's easy to loose the focus. I get it all the time. One week is great, then next one feels like a two steps back. Sometimes good, sometimes hard. What is important, is to keep pushing forward.

  • Back on track in June personal journal Back on track in June

    Damn, it's been more than a month since I've wrote about running. To be honest, it wasn't very intense. Only couple of short runs and one longer run trip. But this month I'm finally starting to feel it.

  • Hello World Again? personal journal Hello World Again?

    So I say hello again. With almost year break from blogging I finally decided to go back. I need this. I need my website as a basic platform of expression.

  • Relaunch personal journal Relaunch

    After couple of months of idling, I finally decided to relaunch my blog again. Switching back from Tumblr to WordPress I won’t keep my old blog posts and resources since I don’t find them important. It was just random noise that doesn’t matter any more.

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