The black protest

The black protest

October 3, 2016opinion piece2 min read

This is quite unusual for my blog, to actually write about current topics. But I was thinking about it and I guess… every opinion matters. So do mine, so do yours.

There are a lot of smart people around me and they’ve probably already discussed the important matters, stances, philosophies. So I may not say anything new. But I also wanted to share my thoughts and opinion.


The way I think about life makes me probably to qualify in the group of so-called pro choice people. I believe that a new life starts when two cells joined together and a new organism is starting to grow in the mothers’ womb.

I’ve seen this quote on a friend’s Facebook post: that for the parents, from the moment they know that she’s pregnant and they’re gonna have a baby - a baby is a real human being. Even though is not yet born. I can imagine how this feels and I agree with it.


But of course, life is not simple. We don’t live in fairy tale and usually bad things are happening: disease, illness, rape, genetic issues and last but not least also economic and social issues.

We, as a humans, are not perfect. We make mistakes, false judgements, we have biased, often incorrect opinions. All that limitations, random variables of a life have significant influence on our daily lives.

Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s life matters. Taking that out of the discussion by making laws based on beliefs of a group of society is not a good choice. Taking the choice from women, doctors and parents just because of the belief system is not a good decision.

And to be honest, I am not even sure if there is any - when everyone is a winner. But at least, we could decide not to go backward.

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