A month in review, February 2017

A month in review, February 2017

February 28, 2017personal journal3 min read

A second month already almost behind me. Time flew fast, there wasn’t much happening, though. Again, a little too much work and stress and not enough of perseverance…


I didn’t train as much as I expected. In total, I’ve trained for about 9 hours and run for only around 30 km. I was swimming only once… The good thing is, that this is almost 40% improvement in volume over January. I guess I need to gradually increase my workouts and simply try to beat this month in March!

Wormwood Scrubs parkrun

In the middle of the month, I’ve participated in a 5k run in the park near me. It was my second attempt ever in parkrun series. I did not expect anything since in past month I did almost no training.

With the big unknown, I’ve jogged at 8:30 in the morning to the Wormwood Scrub park, just about 1 mile from my home. It was foggy, cold morning, although it wasn’t raining. The route of this run was two loops around half of the park which is actually more like a big field.

Wormwood Scrubs Park, London

I started obviously too fast in first two kilometers. That caught me later on and for the rest of the run, I struggled to keep the consistent pace. I finished in 27:30 which was way under my goal since I said to myself that I’ll be happy if I finish under a half hour. My next goal would be to break 25:00 minutes, but I think I’ll maybe attempt that perhaps in the last week of March…


Work consumed most of my time anyway, so I won’t write much more about it. But I’m a little proud, that I was able to build few new React components and actually had enough time to refactor some of the legacy Javascript code into more modular “service” objects. It is still not perfect, but a way to go.

In the free time, I’ve also done some tweaks to my personal project:

  • Moved my blog to the new server and added HTTPS support.
  • Released some of my old projects to Github… not sure if there will be any use of them but at least it shows some of my past work…
  • I’ve also worked on a small side project for bored corporate people…

Bullet Journaling

I’ve tried to use my paper journal as much as possible for planning and noting important stuff. However, I still feel like I lack connection to it. I’m still not used to look into it every day, since “I know” everything I’ve written there…

The trend I’ve observed on the internet is to exaggerate everything in the journal, like super detailed tracking, todo lists, and stuff… I’ve tried that for the first month, but it didn’t get much of my attention. Since that, I’ve made my planning much more compact and it feels a little better.

I’m still experimenting, so don’t put too many expectations into the outcome of this. We’ll see the result in next few months…

March challenge - gain 5kg

And the last bit for this entry. I’m setting a personal goal for the upcoming month - I want to bring my weight to 75kg in next 30 days. I was thinking about it recently and today, when going back from the gym I said to myself - fuck it. Let’s do it!

To be honest, I’ve never got above 70kg so it will be definitely a challenge for me. But the goal is set! I’ll write about it more in next entry.

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