Back on track in June

Back on track in June

June 12, 2016personal journal2 min read

Damn, it’s been more than a month since I’ve wrote about running. To be honest, it wasn’t very intense. Only couple of short runs and one longer run trip. But this month I’m finally starting to feel it.

I’ve put finally some effort in running more consistently. It is actually second week of June, but I was able to go out 5 times, scoring 40km. And to add to this, I already feel small changes. Lungs working just a little bit better, getting tired little bit later in my runs.

Small progress, but this is where it starts.

Small changes

Meanwhile, you could have noticed slight changes in the blog design. Under the hood, there was frankly quite a bit change - I’ve got rid of Wordpress and replaced it with static site generator - Middleman.

I’ve got tired of some performance issues, upgrades, plugins and tedious theme tweaks. With Middleman templates written in Ruby and HAML it’s a pleasure to tweak them, which I did - improving small details here and there.

Sometimes you run into nowhere...
Sometimes you run into nowhere...

Meanwhile I was also traveling, twice to Hamburg and once to Munich for my work related projects. Unfortunately, I lost energy because of that and it had impact on my training.

Getting back on track

I’ve felt somehow disconnected recently. Not feeling up for a run, getting up tired in the morning, wasting too much time on social media… I don’t know if it was a result of overworking earlier, or a sign of a burnout? I did know that I didn’t like it.

I would have felt it that way, but fortunately I’ve stumbled on a Rich Roll podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk. And it hit me hard. This guy feels tremendously energetic, inspiring and motivating. He also sounds sometimes like a asshole too, but hey - everyone can have its own opinion.

Anyway, if I could sum it up in one quote (I’m not sure if it is even exact quote), it would be:

99% of people does not work hard enough, for what they want to achieve.

I’m guilty for not working hard enough. I knew this deep in my heart, but never articulated this. So thank’s for bringing this up. I’m now back on track. With more clear view of what I want to achieve.

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