Next challenge: Munich Marathon 2018

Next challenge: Munich Marathon 2018

April 26, 2018personal journal2 min read

Feeling a little buzzed and inspired from watching the runners on the London’s streets, I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’ve signed for Munich Marathon!

Starting from today, I have exactly 170 days until Generali München Maraton (the official name) which will take place on 14. October 2018. That gives me 24 weeks; I hope plenty of time. I’ve registered and paid already, so there is no going back. Also, this public commitment is one of the ways of ensuring I will stick to the training until the very end.

Training plan for the marathon

I did not yet fully decided which plan to follow. When I trained for my first marathon in 2011, I’ve sicked to beginners plan from Hal Higdon’s website. I remember it suited me quite well. So this time I’ll probably choose one of his plans again.

Which one? We’ll see - I think it will be either Novice 2 or Intermediate 1. Each of the plans takes 18 weeks, so that gives me six more weeks through May and June to build better training base.

Documenting the journey

To stay focused and committed I’ll be blogging more often, sharing more details about my training, nutritious, fitness level and of course more photos from my training runs!

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Let’s run!

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