Resolving resolutions

January 2, 2015personal journal4 min read

One year ago I wrote about some of my resolutions for the upcoming 2014. Even though it seems like everyone is bashing new years resolutions, we may call them differently but we all have them. So last year I posted here four points. Let’s see how I’ve got them.

Train more consistently. Aim for 3-5 training units per week. Put running ahead.

It was a running roller coaster. But to be honest I failed to keep consistent running schedule. My plans for running ultra fall apart because of many other busy things going on in my life and I was not able to complete BUT – which was one of my main goals for 2014. Thats sad. But I’ve learned many lessons about planning my training schedule, gained experience on balancing work, life and fitness training and I plan to use that in 2015.

I did complete couple of nice runs though: Dusiołek (38km), 2x Śnieżka (35km) and 1. PZU Cracowia Półmaraton. I was also very lucky to visit BUT on race day, taking photos along the course.

Eat healthier. More smoothies and juices every week. Less fat & refined foods. More simple meals, vegetables. Get more proteins too!

Last year I’ve got bit excited & inspired on the idea of juicing. Perhaps I didn’t stick to the juicing regiment very strictly, but we definitely drank more vegetable and fruit juices thanks to centrifugal juicer we bought early in the year. But of course, I’ve got to eat healthier! I’m now happy to tell that started eating vegetarian in the second half of the year and now I continue to explore more consciously plant based diet. I still struggle to find replacements for some of foods but the journey is encouraging. I’ll write more on this topic soon.

Code better. Explore & learn AngularJS, Node.js, go deeper with Rails.

I didn’t have much time or interest to pursue Node.js development. Frankly, I don’t regret it. There are so many other great technologies and libraries out there, that you need to specialize. And my focus was still on frontend development. I’ve got to learn and use Angular JS for couple projects we’re having at work and I guess it will stick for another year. I don’t have yet strong opinion about this framework. Given the current state of expansion of the javascript world we’ll see great things as well in 2015. Eager to learn?

Rails was accelerating and constantly evolving during this year. With the recent release 4.2, it’s a great framework for building APIs and quickly materialising your ideas onto real projects. I experimented a lot with some of small ideas just to not get bored. But biggest achievement was to launch updated version of KrakIT. I’m happy that I finally finished the rewrite that was haunting me during the last year 😅. Unfortunately it’s still not growing like I would like to see it but, that would be my challenge for current year! Hell yeah!

Live better. Talk more, socialize more with other people, go to meetups.

Comparing to 2013 this was a good year. With N. we’ve organised two Hack4good hackathons in Kraków. I’ve been also helping N. on her Women in Technology meetups in Kraków by taking photos from the events. I’ve also got chance to participate in Smashing Conf in Oxford and also in Freiburg. I consider this always great and inspiring time. Let’s see perhaps what will 2015 bring.

2014, anything else?

I took way more photos this year than previous and I’m very happy about it. Of course, quality over quantity, but I’m really happy that I was able to visit some great places, enjoy great scenery, people and snap those memories for the future. I know that my memory is not super sharp… I often tend to loose some details. Taking photos makes me remind great time, awesome people and important emotions.

I hope that 2015 will be as good as the year before. There is a room for improvements, there always is…

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