Run in a park, score 5k

Run in a park, score 5k

June 19, 2016running log2 min read

Friday afternoon my buddy wrote on Facebook that he’s gonna participate in the 5K Parkrun. Since I’ve never taken a part in it, I’ve thought I’ll give it a shot. I’ve also never participated in a 5K race, so it was a good challenge as well.

Parkrun is free, weekly 5km run organized by volunteers around the world. The running event is held very week on Saturday morning, 9:00 AM. You can register once, print your badge and then actually run in any of the locations. That idea is amazing!

Running fast

I didn’t know actually how fast I can go. My initial idea was to run sub 25:00, but my friend wanted to run with pace around 4:30 and I liked that. But in the first minutes, I was stupid enough to run faster…

I definitely pushed too hard for the first two kilometers. Initially, I’ve felt strong and I thought, hell - let’s do it. Unfortunately, this faded quickly after I’ve passed around 1,5km into the run and the rest of the route became a struggle.

I’ve finished the race with the time 23:35 - close to one of my fastest runs. But to be honest, I’ve never pushed hard on the short distances to it was a good way to challenge myself. It is also set of an anchor, to validate my training, perhaps next month again.

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