Run to magic places

Run to magic places

April 30, 2016running log2 min read

Sometimes I’m just amazed how the same route looks and feels when you run it at a different time. Today, I went on the run in the evening, just about 1 hour before sunset. The photographers say that it’s and golden hour. The sun is near the horizon and the angle, on which the sun rays fall on the ground, give this warm, fuzzy, golden colors to everything.

And this just feels like magic.

Going out may the hardest obstacle

It was already Saturday afternoon. I’ve spent most of my day rewriting my blog theme to a static site, generated with Middleman (I’ll write another post about it). Later I’ve also done some shopping and cooked a large pot of vegetarian chili. But, yet I’ve also already grabbed some junk food and I started to feel lazy a little bit. I was wondering what would it need to make a change. I needed it but somehow couldn’t do it.

Dirt track leading further away from the city.
Dirt track leading further away from the city.

But then, I look outside the window. I saw blue sky and the sun and the colors. I immediately knew, that going for a run will be a good choice. It was also last day of April today, so I thought that it would make a nice addition to the training log. I am still always usually 30-40km behind my goal to reach 1000 kilometers in 2016.

Then it feels good

The first 15 minutes are great. I feel fresh, running fast on the pavement, directing to quickly leave the city streets. I live in a nice spot. Just need to cross one street and I hit some fields and grasslands. Of course, after the initial euphoria, I shortly start breathing more heavily and need to get slower. But nevermind that. I’m there. Outside. Free.

I run for next 10 minutes and a little bit further I reach the forest. It’s a small area, but quite enough to feel that you are in completely different place. There are many paths there, tiny ravine, a cliff and couple places with beautiful & and distant view. Totally worth visiting.

Enjoying the marvelous view...

Relentless toward progress

May is coming. New challenges on Strava will demand a little bit more climbing than in previous months. Almost 1000m more of climbing. I need to train more to achieve that. I will.

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