Running up this winter

December 5, 2015running log2 min read

I don’t know why, but this season I was too lazy. I’ve only run occasionally, couple times per month (if any). Should improve that maybe during this winter. But from time to time, anyway I always enjoy a break from the city.

Last weekend of November I went on a nice trail run with my friend Krzysztof. It wasn’t that short anyway. In under 2 hours we’ve covered the distance of around 13,5km.

Up, up, to the top

The route was proposed by Krzysztof, but I immediately agreed on, since I’ve been to “Kudłacze” shelter multiple times when I was a kid. This time, however, we were supposed to take the different route – down from Pcim village. We left early, just short after 7:00 and arrived on the starting place around 8:00.

It was cold – couple degrees above 0, but not as that, as I was expecting earlier. So it took around 15 minutes to warm up. The first climb was quite steep. In about 30 minutes, we reached the top of the first hill.

Climbing up in cold, blue forrest

On the top, we’ve welcomed warming sun rays and winter scenery. Much different from cold and muddy forest ascent. The path was flatter and we’ve continued to go further up alternating running & walking.

After we reach some clearing, we welcome warm sunlight
After we reach some clearing, we welcome warm sunlight


After 1 hour, we managed to get to the shelter. To be honest, I don’t know if it was open or not. But that didn’t matter much. On the opposite side, there were quite stunning views and we spent couple minutes there, taking pictures and enjoying the moment.

Nice, panoramic view from Kudłacze, you can see Babia Góra far, far away...
Nice, panoramic view from Kudłacze, you can see Babia Góra far, far away...

But staying just a minute on cold wind is no good. So I quickly put on my jacket and we took the route back.

Going down

The trail down was a longer route. We’ve got around 7,5 km to cover. But running down is fun so it was much faster. Almost without stop we’ve run for next 40 minutes, stopping from time to time to take some snapshots.

Stopping for couple seconds to snap the photo of the valley

Actually the hardest part was the last kilometer when the trail was on a flat road through the village. My legs were quite tired and I had to convince myself multiple times not to stop. But anyway, we’ve managed to get back to the car in about under 2 hours total.

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