Running towards the changes

December 10, 2019training3 min read

This year was truly a setback to me. In the beginning, I grappled with the injury that I carried even from the previous season. Running was always an afterthought, and I’ve found enough excuses to skip way too many training runs. But this is going to change.

I’ve been struggling with being consistent with my training for quite some time already. Not only this year but also previous has been dissatisfying. I always set high expectations first, but I could not live up to them and seldom fully finished what I started.

In 2017 I ran Magurski Ultramarathon (58km) in Poland, which I’ve managed to finish, but the half-ass training schedule left me completely unprepared, weak, and suffering. I was not going to repeat it.

Year later, in 2018, I had some good moments, when during my vacation stay on Tenerife, I did plenty of trails & mountain running. Unfortunately, during that time, I’ve also caught some ankle injury, which haunted me almost for more than six months.

This year was also a bit underperforming. I ran in a few Parkruns, joined couple tracks workouts with Vegan Runners (which were great!), but in the end, it was also below my expectations.

Towards the changes

Recently I realized one essential thing: I know that staying fit is important to me, and I want it to be something that defines me. I want it to be my choice, my dream, my way of life.

I feel disconnected, unfulfilled, conflicted every day when I don’t pursue that dream. I failed so many times, yet I’ll try again and again until I’m satisfied. No more being dishonest with myself, no more being sloppy or lazy.

Running an ultra

I’ve set one major goal for myself for next year - to finish an ultra-distance race. This is a dream that’s been poking already for quite some time. I know that in the past, I’ve already completed some, but I was never happy with my performance. Or course, I know that I’m not (and never will be) at the same level as the top athletes running in those races, but I still want to take the challenge and try to finish the distance in some reasonable time and shape.

I’ve signed for Ultra Trail Scotland - Arran Skyline, a 45km distance race held on the Arran island in Scottland. It will be a demanding race, with a lot of elevation gain, challenging terrains, and weather.

I know I need to be well prepared for it. And I will be.

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